Baylor University

Location, Size and Environment

Baylor University is located in Waco, Texas and is an hour and 51 minutes away from Keller Texas. The size of the campus is approximately 1,000 acres. It has a total enrollment of 16,263 students. Baylor is a private Baptist University in an urban environment.

Admission requirments and Acedemics

The deadline for admissions is February 9. To get into Baylor you are required to have taken the SAT and ACT. You must also have a GPA of a 3.0 or above, a SAT score of between 1140-1310, a ACT score of a 24 to a 30, and you have to be in the top 25% of your class. Some majors offered at Baylor are accounting, management, and financing. 50% of typical classes have around 20 people in them and the school was accredited in 1914.
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College Expenses, Financial Aid, and Housing

Tuition is $38,290 a year and room and board is about $11,140 so the estimated total budget is $52,000 a year. Applications are free so sign up while you can. The deadline for all financial aid papers is March 1st. You must have the FAFSA and all completed tax returns. All freshman attending Baylor must live on campus and must have a food plan

Facilities, Activities, and Campus Visits

At the University their is many academic, and recreational facilities. For academic facilities their is a research center, science buildings, social work, and much more. Recreational facilities include a gym, student life center, tennis center, and a sports center. More activities that can be intended are club sports such as cycling or fencing. There is frats and sororities and athletic activities such as dodge ball, flag football, basketball, softball, soccer, etc. Campus visits are Monday through Fridays scheduled by appointments. Special events that take place is sporting events, art, theater, and parades.
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