Technology Tuesday

11/12/2013 - Arab City Schools

Free Apps


Knowmia is a destination for learning that features short video lessons from great teachers everywhere. Once you signed up for Knomia, you’ll be allowed to access the site; all you need to do is type the relevant keywords and pick up the perfect tutorial in search results. The free Knowmia iPad app helps you create video lessons on any subject and publish them on its website. Knowmia makes it easy to import your own visual aids, organize them in steps and record your voice and face to bring them to life. You can record illustrations as you draw them and create sophisticated animation sequences with the simple stroke of a finger.

Shadow Puppet

Shadow Puppet is a free, universal iOS app that lets you select photos on your iDevice, put them in any order you like, then narrate the slide show while you highlight something in the photo with an animated icon, or zoom and move the photo. After you sign up for an account, creating is easy. This app is great for digital storytelling!

See the example below created by my wife's third grade class:

Free Teacher Web Tools


I've used Smore for my Technology Tuesday's and Professional Development Events. Smore is very user friendly digital flyer tool that can be created using desktops, tablets and phones. Once the flyer is created it can be shared by email, social media and other avenues.

How can you use Smore in your classroom?

  • School Events/Fundraisers/Clubs
  • Class Experiments
  • Book Reports, Topic research, Biographies, Tutorials
  • Student Portfolios and more

Here are a few Smore pages used in education.


A free website and iOS app that turns normal text into stylish graphics. This website/app could be used by students for Poetry, Sonnets, Quotes and Short Stories.

Introducing Notegraphy