Ivan Pavlov

Behavioral Approach

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General Information

Born- September 14th, 1849

Died- February 27th, 1936

Spouse- Seraphima Vasilievna Karchevskaya

Children-Vera, Victor, Mirchik, Vsevolod, Vladimir

Conditioned Reflexes

Conditioned reflexes are a behavior that is trained. Much like potty training or even a human being getting trained at work.

His Method

Pavlov used a metronome which he first rang, and then fed the dogs. The goal was to then establish a dogs conditioned response to salivating when the metronome rang. After a few trial runs, Pavlov was able to remove the food from the question.

The point? The dog was now salivating on command due to a noise that the dog now familiarized with food. Even with a break of days in between trying this technique, the dog still responded the same way. The dogs behavior was conditioned; meaning it now reacted a certain way with a certain stimulus.

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