Delrita is 13 years old and lives with her uncle Punky after a tragic car accident killed her parents. Delrita loved her uncle Punky because he was very special to her.Uncle Punky had down syndrome although he was an adult he had the mind of a child. One of the things that Delrita loved about Punky is that he had a love for clowns and jellybeans. Before Delrita's parents died, Delrita and her family lived on a farm and they owned cows and pigs. Later on, Delrita's parents decided to move to a more populated area with more people. After the Jensen's moved in, Punky had a birthday coming soon.

The Jensen's celebrated Punky's party with clowns. For many years Delrita kept her uncle a secret so the kids at school won't make fun of her and Punky.


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About the Author

June Rae Wood is the creator of The Man Who Loved Clowns and other books like: When Pigs Fly, About Face, Turtle on a Fence Post, Share of Freedom and more.


Creator: Chandler Cooley

Editor: Chandler Cooley

Author of the Book: June Rae Wood

Characters Used: Delrita Jensen and Uncle Punky