The Frog

By: Cody Lanning

The Name's of the Frog

  • Public Name- Frog
  • Scientific Name- Anura
  • Higher Classification Name- Salientia

Description of The Frog

  • Size- 2.2 inches to 5.9 inches (Common Toad)
  • Color- Huge Variation
  • Appearance- Small and Quick
  • Skin Texture- Slimy and Slick
  • Fact- Toads can breath through there skin through the process of cutaneous gas exchange.

Role of The Frog

  • Possibly could pose a threat to humans.
  • A frogs activity can vary from relaxed to hyper.
  • They are a source of food in some countries.
  • Don't have the abilities to really help people with special needs.

Needs of The Frog

  • Grooming- None
  • Food- Mainly insects and worms
  • Space- 4 gallons of tank space per toad
  • Habitat- Warm but wet enviroment

Need to Know Facts

  • Health Defects- Husbandry. Can be Prevented by having a Healthy Diet and moist skin
  • Friendly- Generally pretty friendly
  • Exercise- Normally just let run free in a tank.
  • Temperament- Generally very calm and mellow