The Freezing Core

By: Brandon, Eric, Kayla, and Johan

Conspiracy of the world ending

There are many conspiracies of how the world will end. One of them is the freezing of Earths core.

Facts about the core

-Protects us from radiation from space.

-Made of liquid iron and liquid nickel.

-Without it, there's no land to live on

-Magma replenishes the land.

-Every mountain, stone, or rocks you see is all liquid magma.

The Conspiracy

The Earth is cooling down from the outside in. The Earth will freeze, and there will no longer be liquid, but solid.
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Scientists find oddly behaving 'inner-inner core' at Earth's center

What do you think will happen if the Earth's core freezes?

-Less volcanoes and earthquakes

-slowly wind and rain will erode the earth away

-mountains will shrink and crumble away and get washed away by rain and rivers into the sea

-will take a very long time to see everything breaking down

What our world would look like

Over time...

-no continents

-no rocks

-no islands

-only be water

What would you do if the only thing around you was water?

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