Are fighter fighters really heroes?

by Joseph M, Jasmine N, D'Ante M, Maria S

13 January 2016

Firefighters may not be heroes to everyone, but they try to save lives. A member of the FDNY was interviewed to share the responsibilities of firefighting. Firefighters have learned something very important, which is “life is very fragile” (Anonymous Firefighter). The dealing with life and death situations every day at work and seeing how easily it can be taken away is very eye-opening. These challenges have taught many firefighters to live each day like it is their last. .Firefighters are heroes for always being able to find a way around difficult decisions. According to one firefighter, perhaps the most difficult part of the job is “to tell someone that his or her loved ones has passed away” (Anonymous Firefighter) . It happens all too often, and never gets much easier to do. As one of the members of FDNY said “I have a great deal of respect for the three hundred and forty three firemen that were killed on Sept. 11. Knowing that they were very likely marching into their death.” (Anonymous Fireman) This quote shows that he has respect for all the firemen that were killed September 11 2001 because they knew that there was a high chance of death but they still went to help and try to save as many people as possible. Another quote is that “ Similarly, military servicemen and women garner my admiration for their sacrifice.” This quote shows that he has respect for service men and women for their attempts they tried to do like save lives and etc. In conclusion firefighters may not be heroes to everyone but they help a lot in many communities and try their best to help others.

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