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Deserving Service

Our thoughtful gifts have been given and holiday magic is still faint in the air. We continue to look inward in the new year; seeking new ways to self-improve. Some of us may be thinking "It's time to treat myself - this year I deserve it!"

The etymology of the word deserve shows us a Latin origin, deservire "serve well," and "be worthy of." When we contemplate our own gifts of service and the original definition of deserve, a fresh opportunity to re-start our good causes as teachers and administrators arises. Who do you know that is truly deserving?

As we aspire to share our talents and treasures with others, we hope you'll benefit from our new publication date at the start of the month. KDP continues to share a message from our Chapter President, the latest Conferences in Education, Educational Articles, Annual Holiday Gathering Pics, Career Links [NEW!], Pinterest Press, Teacher Resources, Question of the Month [NEW!], and much more in our latest issue, below!

Yours in Education,

- Xi Gamma Chapter

Seton Hall University

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A Winter Break Reflection from Our President, Daria

Teacher Wellbeing during Winter Break

The beginning of December. I can feel the heaviness in my step, hear the annoyance in my voice, and see the lack of creativity in my lessons. Welcome to three weeks before winter break. A time when teachers are counting the days left before their schools close for winter recess.

As teachers, we are trained to give.

We give and give, but we seldom take the time to replenish ourselves.

Throughout my teaching career, I have spoken to many of my colleagues from various walks of life and at different stages in their careers. From those conversations, teachers feel depleted on a regular basis, but they do not take the necessary steps to refill themselves. A fellow teacher in Morristown, NJ school district posed an eye-opening question: "We always talk about that the kids are tired and stressed. But, what about the tired teachers?"

As educators, how could we nurture ourselves so that we have energy to give to our students?

As we conclude a much-deserved winter break, let us be sure we have taken the time to reflect, recharge, and replenish. Here are some tips I received from my colleagues when I asked them ‘As a teacher, how do you take care of yourself?’

1. Taking a bath: relaxing and detoxifying

2. Yoga: depending on the class, could be relaxing or energizing

3. Sitting in silence for a while [meditation]

4. Spend time with loved ones [people, animals, or both]

5. Be at peace: pray, knit, sew, or just read in silence

6. A walk in the woods does wonders for one's focus and takes the edge off

7. Writing or journaling is beneficial and can be rather cathartic

8. Set a few hours aside and treat it as a very important meeting-with yourself. Review and reflect on your weekly, monthly and semester-long goals, analyze why some were accomplished and others fell by the wayside. Life got in the way? Make a note to recognize the obstacles next time. Then, set new goals for the upcoming semester and anticipate problems while brainstorming possible solutions to those.

9. Take some time to reflect on this semester and then…Toot your own horn. Be proud of what you do in your classroom, and share, share, share! Include the beautiful things you do in your classroom in your emails or that newsletter to parents, community and/or school administration. Do not feel bad for showing off your craft - be proud of it!

10. Connect with your colleagues- in your school, district, state, region, or worldwide. Participate in a few Twitter chats, attend a #CoffeeEdu session, share resources using #teacherwellbeing, #edchat or any other hashtag that relates to your discipline.

On January 2, I will be back in my classroom. Rested, I hope to find spring in my step, genuine enthusiasm in my voice, and a chock-full of creative ideas ready to be turned into lessons.

What about you? How do you replenish your mental reserves? How do you restore your energy so that you have more to give to your students? Please respond in the comments below, and thank you for reading.

- Daria Pizzuto, M.Ed

President, Kappa Delta Pi Xi Gamma

PhD student, Seton Hall University

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Mindfulness in the Classroom

Wednesday, Jan. 25th, 7-8pm

University Center, Faculty Lounge

Mindfulness in K12 education is surfacing as a prescription to alleviate student stress, promote self-regulation, and improve focus. This is one teacher's journey to implementing mindfulness in her middle school classroom.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Rally Cap Sports Chapter at Seton Hall University

Become part of a movement to enable people with special needs through sports! Elementary/Special Education Student & KDP Member Luisa Rinaudo would like to start a Rally Cap Sports Chapter at Seton Hall University.

“Whether you are sharing in the joy of a RallyPlayer celebrating a great play, beaming with pride as a player receives his or her very first trophy, or simply exchanging high-fives with a RallyPlayer in support, you will quickly discover many moments in your coming journey that show how RallyCap Sports is more than a sports program.”--Rally Cap Sports

Let’s help Luisa get a chapter started at SHU! If you are interested in becoming a member/Executive Board member please send an email to or

Rally Cap Sports
Facebook: RallyCap Sports Seton Hall University
Twitter: RallyCap_SHU
Instagram: RallyCapSportsSHU

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Conferences in Education

  • The California Internship & Work Experience Association (CIWEA) will host their annual conference in San Francisco April 6-7 and has both these topics as either keynote or breakouts. This is not information specific only to CA 2- and 4-year colleges, but the majority of membership is from there.
  • UBTech 2017 Call for Presentations here:, as well as some tips for creating a dynamic proposal that will impress the judging panel and—should your proposal be accepted—attract attendees to your session.

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Holiday Gathering

Many thanks to fellow Education students/KDP Xi Gamma Chapter members for their enthusiastic support for our chapter's programming and for their contribution to DOVE's Toy Drive at our annual holiday gathering! We had a great night sharing service experiences & opportunities, chapter achievements as well as laughs. Looking forward to next semester! Mark your calendars for January 25's Mindfulness in the Classroom program!

Pinterest Press December Edition: Winter Door Decorations

Next Month’s Edition: Library/Reading Area Setup

Teacher Resources

  • Educators can find new Thomas & Friends (PBS) video-based lessons and hands-on activities to extend student learning.
  • Have you ever stopped to wonder why we wear Halloween costumes, celebrate Thanksgiving in November, or choose Valentines in February? These familiar traditions have fascinating and sometimes surprising origins. Get to know the history and significance behind these U.S. holidays (and more!) with this collection of resources: All About the Holidays!
  • Looking for ways to bring current events into your classroom? PBS NewsHour Extra helps teachers and students identify the who, what, when, where and why-it-matters of major national and international news stories.
  • Participate in Hour of Code to celebrate Computer Science! This program encourages students to engage with computer science through a one hour introduction to programming.
  • Science educator Dr. Christopher Emdin says that STEM* and hip-hop are “intimately linked.” In 2013, he launched Science Genius to link the two officially. Today, Science Genius is much larger, with shiny new iterations abroad in Canada and the West Indies.
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Question of the Month [NEW!]

Each month, we'll be asking for your feedback! Please use the form below or any of our social media outlets to respond. If we select your response, you'll be published in our next issue!
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Sunday, April 30th, 11am-12pm


Ceremony followed by light reception for new members and guests.

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Donate Your Voice!

Donate your voice to be used by those who need assistive communication devices! Elementary/Special Education Student Sherilyn Morse is working with “Vocal ID” and would love to get our SHU/CEHS students involved by donating their voices. Donors can record from their own room/home on their own time, receiving 5-7 hours of community service in exchange for 3500 recorded sentences! For more information, contact Sherilyn Morse at

To see how donating your voice can impact others, watch the following animated clip:

The Vocal Adventure

Attention Teachers:

  • The Immaculate Heart Academy is looking to hire a full time substitute English teacher in January 2017!

Advanced degree and understanding of/experience in Catholic single-sex education desirable.

For those interested in applying, please send resume and letter of interest to

  • Newark Public Schools currently has many openings!

Visit to apply for teacher vacancies

For more information, please reach out to