Newsletter-Dec. 12-18, 2015

Mrs. Wells

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Please visit my webpage for more information-

Look under the NEWSLETTER tab to find "view" or "downloads" of the spelling word list, the spelling dictation sentences, the xtra math pins, and the RAZ kids login cards.

For xtra math website, students use my email:, then use the pin number from the download.

A note from Mrs. Wells

This week, the only homework will be online working for 45 minutes on RAZ, and 45 minutes on Prodigy and one session on Xtra math. We are not having a spelling test or new words. I noticed after grading spelling homework that we need to work on homonyms for one more week.

Also, I am encouraging students to take advantage of the morning homework help in our library. They have access to the help of our interventionist teachers on campus and technology to help them meet the required minutes of RAZ, Prodigy, and Xtra Math. A perfect solution if technology is not available at home.

Math Homework

1. 45 minutes of Prodigy Game-the math assignments we added this week include:

* Perimeter of 2 d shapes.

*multiplication pattern with missing values in input/output table

*area word problems

3. Students need to also spend 15 minutes practice facts using the site

This site automatically raises students' levels as they progress through the program.


1. RAZ Kids-students need to spend at least 45 minutes reading and taking a quiz from their book room.

2. Please encourage students to curl up with a book and read at least 15 minutes each night. Research shows students who read are the most successful in school.


None this week!

Social Studies

Reviewing Texas plants, animals, and landforms to use when writing their trickster tales.


Focused on Earth changes this week.