October! Can you believe it? The weather has cooled down and we are beginning to see of the first signs of fall. Enjoy!!!

Thank you, Josie, for our new office banner!

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upcoming events

  1. 10/8 Eli Whitney Community Collaborative meeting
  2. 10/21 SISTER- SCHOOL EVENT: Collins Creamery Trunk or Treat (pumpkin picking, ice-cream, trunk treats costumes)Join us for our Eli Whitney School and Hazardville Memorial School coordinated family event!

Room 8 Students of the Week: Weeks 3 and 4 Role Models

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Math services have begun in the Math room. If your child was selected to receive additional support in Math based on the iReady Diagnostic you have received a letter from us. We will be meeting with your child 3 times a week supporting the classroom curriculum as well building their basic math skills. We encourage All students to go onto their My Path in iReady for 60 minutes a week.

Mrs. Bellafronte and Mrs. Slattery



Mrs. Marchese and Ms. Amburn

Small group reading support began this week. If your child came home with a letter regarding our Reading Intervention Program, he/she will receive additional reading time. Students are chosen based on the iReady Diagnostic Assessment and will visit the reading room 4 days per week for 30 minutes. Please reach out to your child’s reading teacher with any additional questions or concerns.

Helpful Ways to Build a Reader at Home

Helpful Ways to Build a Reader at Home

Mrs. Marchese and Ms. Amburn

· Explore Books! Give your child the opportunity to explore books. Visiting a library or bookstore gives your child a chance to find topics and books that interest them.

· Read, Read, Read! Make sure to read for at least 30 minutes per day! Children can read independently, aloud to an adult, or back and forth with a partner.

· Ask Questions! Predictions, Characters, Main idea, Problem, Solution, Retell Story, Genre, Moral

· Make it Fun! Reading shouldn’t be a chore. Intentionally read with your child/discuss books but also research topics and do book activities together.

· Be an Example! Children learn by example, so let your child see you read whether it be a book, newspaper, cookbook, etc.

· Pick Good Fit Books! A book that is a good match for your child should meet the following requirements:

o Purpose for reading

o Interest

o Can they understand what they are reading?

o Can they retell the story?

o Do they know most of the words?

· For Beginning Readers:

Point out and read words in natural settings…stores, streets, etc.

Memorize sight words

Visualize the story in your head

Ask questions before, during, and after

Don’t immediately tell an unknown word to your child. Instead ask them to:

o Sound out the word

o Break the word into parts

o Try a different vowel sound (long/short)

o Use illustrations for clues

o Skip the word, re-read sentence, and go back…what word makes sense?

· For Advanced Readers:

Notice interesting, new vocabulary words, and make it a challenge to use them in conversation

Read with expression

Explore Informational books and their text features (diagrams, table of contents, etc.) along with other genres as well

Compare and contrast books

Discuss connections to literature

Think of new titles for books

Explore multiple books from the same author


o Tumblebooklibrary.com

o Hoopladigital.com

o Getepic.com

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Community Collaborative- Title 1 School Collaborative

Our first annual meeting is scheduled for 10/8 and all caregivers are welcome to join us for a review and discussion of our Title I initiatives. Meetings will occur three times this year. These meetings will adhere to CDC social distance guidelines and will be held via the TEAMs platform.

We are also seeking 2 representatives from each grade level to be part of our ongoing community discussions. Please send an email to Kflanaghan@enfieldschools.org if you are interested in participating in this committee. This committee with meat with selected staff to support our community activities and Title I initiatives.

Click on link to join:

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Eli Whitney Curriculum

3rd - 5th Grade:

Teacher College Reader's Workshop

Teacher's College Writing Workshop

iReady Math

iReady Reading

NGSS and Mystery Science - Science

Social Studies: Grade level topic based

Social-Emotional Learning and Counseling

FLEX Enrichment: Art, Music, PE, Reading, Math, SEL, and Library


Welcome to 2021/22 school year and let us introduce you to Room 2’s Forest School. The scientists have been working hard each day exploring, making scientific guesses' and keeping data on the life cycle of trees. The students' explorations have taken them outside and into the field to evaluate their surroundings. The students have studied the sequence of tree life. New vocabulary words have included seed, sprout, sapling, mature tree, snag, and rotting log. Many amazing questions have been inquired by our students. Forest school has been an awesome adventure thus far. The fieldwork is fun and new friendships have been made.

Mrs. Elizabeth Ziba

Intermediate Adaptive Learning Teacher

Eli Whitney Elementary School


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