My Smore

Thomas hobbes


My enlightened thinker was born on April 5,1588 in west port, England. His job was being a private tutor. One of his greatest achievements in his life was writing this book called,"Leviathan", and it is his most famous book that was written by him. One political thought or belief was that power came from the people.


I have chosen Edward munch and Salvador as his enlightenment friends and David choe and Os Gemeos as his 21st century friends because Thomas Hobbes would like to go and see the artist paint.

Famous Quote from Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes once said,"The condition of man... is a condition of war of everyone against everyone". I think this meant that the health of man depends on the war. When he says,"...everyone against everyone", he means when they are fighting one another that their health is put at risk.