TIA Cohort E

Honoring Teacher Excellence DEC 8


Is you district engaging in the TIA Cohort E or is your district considering joining a future cohort? Let us help you navigate this beneficial and detailed process.

Jennifer Conner jennifer.conner@esc12.net TIA contact @ ECS12

Tammy Becker tbecker@esc12.net

Kristin Arterbury karterbury@esc12.net St. Growth Measures

Paul Guardiola pguardiola@esc12.net D Mack & Eduphoria reports

TIA direct assistance tia@tea.texas.gov

Common questions asked from Cohort E districts + answers

Application Submission:

Q1: What are some of the details for the actual application and data submission?

Answer: When your district submits the application on April 15, you will send a spreadsheet with all teachers in the district. This is done for the buy-in survey. When your district submits data to TX Tech the following year in October '23, you submit just the data on the categories of teachers. For example: Not teacher names (Mrs. Smith), but rather the teaching assignments (All teachers in 3-8 math).

TRS impact

Q1: We have teachers who are very close to retirement. If these teachers receive a TIA designation and higher salary, will that be reflected in their TRS statements and thus give them higher salaries to average for their highest 5 years?

Answer: In terms of TRS, yes, the additional compensation received through the Teacher Incentive Allotment is eligible for TRS. Note, there are certain timing requirements for the payments, aligned with normal TRS practices. We recommend districts work with TRS on any questions around timing, though they should be good with their normal processes. Essentially, a large portion is still eligible, but for certain large amounts, there may be some limits. The TRS has limits (10% or 10,000 increase per year) on eligible salary increases in the last 3 or 5 years prior to retirement which could limit the extent to which the TIA compensation paid in those years is TRS eligible. A member can work out of the limit, the member will need to contact a TRS Benefit Counselor when they are ready to retire to determine if this limit will impact their retirement annuity calculation. (from Matt Holzgrafe, our Director of Teacher Compensation Strategy, TEA)

Measuring St. Growth in Non-tested subjects:

Q1: How have other districts successfully measured student growth for non-tested subjects, such as welding, Ag, or fine arts?

Answer: SLOs, Portfolios, District created pre and post tests. There are definitely things to consider in terms of the amount the district does vs. what the teacher does. We are seeing some challenges in districts where teachers and appraisers are not ready to implement portfolios and SLOs given the lift that it can take. (from Grace Wu, TEA Director of TIA)

Q2: So it's ok for teachers to create pre/post tests for welding, Ag, fine arts, etc?

Answer: Yes, but...it all depends on the standards and if they can be measured on a pre and post test. We have some guidance about how to write effective assessment items on our website in this webinar. Creating assessments is much harder than most anticipate – I would recommend strong processes for creation and approval. (from Grace Wu, TEA Director of TIA)

Student Growth Measures:

Q1: In Option 4, can a district use a STAAR release exam or do they need to pull STAAR released questions to create a pretest?
Answer: Option 2 is more aligned to districts using a 3rd party assessment. If they want to pull released questions it would be more like option 4. The option number is not really needed, but if they are compiling a test vs. taking one, the process for approval may look different.

Q2: Why does a district need to create a pretest? Why can't they use last year's STAAR test as the pretest?

Answer: Districts may want to create their own pre and post tests for subject areas that are not STAAR tested. Additionally, it may generate more teacher buy-in if there is more district control over the assessment.

Q3: Can districts use last year's STAAR test as a pre test, the STAAR Progress Measure as the target and the current year STAAR test as the post-test?

Answer: Yes. Districts can certainly use intra-year assessments as well. (from Grace Wu, TEA Director of TIA)

TEA Strategic Compensation Fellowship and Grant

On December 2nd, the Teacher Incentive Allotment team launched a $750,000 competitive grant process for a Strategic Compensation Fellowship and Grant. We anticipate approximately 10 grantees, with a portion reserved for ESC applicants (approximately 3). Grantees will receive funding for a staff member to support planning for and implementing a strategic compensation system that includes updates to a district’s salary. ESC grantees will be responsible for supporting a cohort of districts through this process. We encourage you to take the following next steps:

  1. Districts in Cohort A-D and districts who submit an application for Cohort E will be eligible for this grant opportunity. Cohort E districts are eligible for Pathway 2 of this grant.
  2. Pathway 2: Districts Planning for TIA (Cohort E) will work to modify their existing TIA spend plan and implement a strategic compensation system, based in salary, for the 2024-25 school year. Prior to implementation, grantees will meet milestones for model development, change management, and stakeholder engagement. After implementation, grantees will work to integrate strategic compensation into their existing human resource function (recruitment, retention, strategic staffing) and plan for long-term sustainability.
  3. Have more questions? Please review the program guidelines available on TEA’s Grant Opportunities site. You may submit any questions to Matthew.Holzgrafe@TEA.texas.gov by December 22nd and they will be answered through a formal grant FAQ process. You may submit any questions by January 6th and they will be answered through a formal grant FAQ process.
  4. Interested in applying? Submit an optional Notice of Intent by December 22.
  5. Applications due by February 4.
  6. The recorded webinar and slide deck will be posted soon on TEA’s Grant Opportunities site

TEA Cohort E Webinars Series

  • Sept. 1 8:30-2:00 Getting Started with TIA & National Board Certification Link

Upcoming Deadlines

April 15 - Deadline to submit applications
Early June - TEA provides feedback to districts on application; TEA office hours on various topics

Mid July - Final Submission (one chance only)

ESC 12 Student Learning Objectives training

Where: ESC12 Waco

When: 9-4 on January 11 OR July 22.

January 11


July 22


The links should be ready for registration soon!

Key Dates for LEAs Employing National Board Certified Teachers

    • December 10th – TAA sent to districts reminding them of upcoming National Board dates
    • January 1st – National Board Fee Reimbursement application and webinar available on TIA website
    • January 31st – deadline for National Board Certified Teachers to update their information in the NBCT online directory. Only those registered in Texas will be able to earn a new recognized designation. A TAA will be sent out on December 10th to remind districts of this date.
    • March 31st – deadline for districts to submit their National Board Fee Reimbursement applications