Coding 2

MP4 Week 6

Super Scratch Dodgeball

  • Dodge the beachballs or you lose points!
  • Collect the ice cream cones to score points!

In this program you will:

  • Program Scratchy to move using the keyboard keys!
  • Program a variable to keep score!
  • Program sprites to move randomly!

Getting Started!

  • If you didn't attend chat, please watch the virtual lesson recording following along in Scratch as you code your program.
  • See if you can finish programming the beachball to bounce around the stage randomly!
  • To help get you started, all the code blocks you will need are shown below! Can you arrange them to program the beachball to bounce randomly?
  • Remember! You can always click the ? button in Scratch for help!
Big image

See you in Cyberspace!