The Giver

Book by: Lois Lowry ; Flyer by: Tharessa Gilet


Imagine living in a community where everything is controlled. The giver takes place in a dystopia where a selected group of elders control the entire community. Children are placed in family units, which are selected by the elders. Jonas is a young boy who meets a old man who is young than he seems. The man is the called The giver. The giver transfers memories to Jonas. The more Jonas finds out the more he wants to do something about it. Together The giver and Jonas create a plan to set the memories free and give them back to the community.

Main Character: Jonas

Jonas is a very bright, kind, and special twelve year old. At the ceremony of twelve he is assigned the job of Receiver of Memory which is a job where the new receiver is chosen every ten years. He works with The giver who shows Jonas the memories of their past. Jonas wants to change the way they live in the community so he decides to run away to cross the boundary of memories so the whole community can have the memories.

other important characters

Favorite Quote

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Teacher-like questions

  1. what is the plot of the giver ?
  2. why did Jonas escape with gabe ?
  3. who else besides gabe did Jonas what to escape with ?
  4. who did the giver truly love ?

Overall rating

i give the book a 4 out of 5 because it was a great book but some parts just didn't make sense.