Aidan pate

bambi angel

Bambi angel

There is a bulldog with a guardian that will protect her as long as she lives this guardian can guide her out of trouble but this is a story how she lost all of that and made something bigger. Bambi was born with a brother. Named mac who watched over her, but mac had always hated Bambi angel he was jealous and wished for it to be vanished the angel lives in Bambi eye far inside her mind and only comes out at times when needed most.

Bambi goes to a private dog school only for normal dogs. But her secret can’t be shared. She had two friends Stella the pug, and Bo the French bulldog. They all loved each other, but they knew Bambi was hiding something. They were all hiding something so one dark night they were all talking and one of them blurted out I have a angel inside of me. The room went silence not a sound was made until tears of blood left the eye of a pug the angel is escaping the animal eye but after it happened Bambi guardian came out to heal the tears of blood, but it sucked in Bambi angel, as it scrapes the angels eye, Bo was behing formed into the void, but bambi saw what was doing it looked like mac helping the angels escape they all formed a alien it was finishing the part of blood in the eye it formed a heart in rows all of them absorbed into the heart of Stella they wrote a message you fixed a broken heart.


act of kindness can fix a broken heart