all about Australia

Where in the world?

Australia is a continent.

Tasmania is also a part of Australia.

Australia is near the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean.

It has desert, rain forests, coral reefs and mountains.

The people

They speak English.

Some people live in big cities.

They eat a lot of fish and meat. They eat a lot of the same food as we do.

Kids between 5 and 15 years old have to go to school.

Off to Work

People work in mining. Lots of people do farming.

They grow wheat, barley and sugar cane.

Things to do and See

The Great Barrier Reef is a great place to see lots of tropical fish.

You can see koalas and kangaroos. Canberra is the capital city.

Interesting facts

The kangaroo is the national animal.

The emu is the national bird. When it is summer here, it is winter in Australia. Australia is a country and a continent. The Aborigines are the first people of Australia.