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Thursday, March 17th, Day 4

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Attention Staff

**There is an update in the Sex Offender Folder. It can be found in the PES ALL Staff short cup drop folder**

We need your help to make career week a success! Please come help us with the following two presentations:

“Before I was a teacher…”: Sign Up to talk to 2nd and 3rd grade classes for 10-15 minutes about your first job or a job you have done that was unique. Talks will take place on Tuesday April 19th and Thursday April 21st in the LGI. Contact Katie Mancuso if you’re interested and for more information.

College Days: Sign Up to talk to 4th and 5th grade classes for 10-15 minutes about where you attended college and your college experience. Talks will take place on Wednesday April 20th and Friday April 22nd in the LGI. Contact Shauna Karley if you’re interested and for more information.

***Please let us know by Friday March 18th if you are interested.

Please come to the Annual Living Biography Museum: Please use the link to sign up.

Both Health offices are in need of gently used sweatpants/wind pants/leggings for boys and girls. Thanks


3/17-8:00 am Curriculum Collaboration (2nd & 5th/PE)

3/1/-8:00 am K-5 Rtl Team (Room 463)

3/21-12:30 pm Data Team (Link Conference Room)

3/22-7:45 am-PAC-room 463


3/24-RMSC-Lafave, Lupton and Santoro



Carbary, Renee/ pm/ no sub

Cooke, Lisa/ Tabitha Metz

Erhardt, Cheryl/ April Buchholz

Fitzgerald, Laurie/ Kristin Galens

Gleason, Ann/ Quinn Simmons (pm)

Jensen, Shannon/ Trish Vatimo

Kunecki, Skip/ Catherine Rieck

Ludwig, Diane/ Stephanie Payne

Mahoney, Ellen/ Megan Hanlon

Mullen, Eric/ Jill Hansen

Natale, Julie/ pm/ Katie Schilstra

Redington, Chris/ am/ Beth Johnson

Romeo, Rich/ Alex Spillane

Steve, Deanna/ pm/ Covered

Strain, Margie/ Erin Volpe

Thomas, Holly/ Julie Pawlicki

Vankouwenberg, Heather/ no sub

Ward, Eric/ Melissa Turiano

Welch, Jeff/ no sub

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March Birthdays

3/24-Genial Close

3/25-Ann-Margaret Rodak

3/25-Jennifer Conklin

3/25-Joyce Moore

3/27-Jennifer Bay

Dream Big. Work Hard. Create. Play Fair. Make a Difference.

Enrollment Changes

New Student:

3/14-Alina Pimentel-2nd Grade-Mrs. Peterson

Leaving the District:

Returning to the District: