Video Games Can Be Good For You

An article by Mia Shortt 6B

All Our Lives, We Have Been Told Wrong

Have you ever had your parents or your teachers tell you that video games are bad for you? Well, they may not have been right. Previous studies were made that show that video games affect a person negatively, but with our current generation of scientists that know more about technology than previous ones, adults may not be able to use the "video games are bad for you" excuse on us anymore.

How Do Video Games Help Improve Our Lives?

Recent studies made by a new generation of scientists in the US have shown that video games can actually improve your brain. The studies have shown that children who play violent games are less likely to become bullies because they let out all of their anger in the video games. It was also found that people who play the bad guy in a shooting or killing game feel guilty and exhibit greater moral sensitivity than those who play soldiers. "Chennan Liu performed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign suggests the pastime might have gotten a bad rap. Youth survey data she examined found that those who play video games for an average of three to six hours a day were healthier than those who played less." Says Chicago Tribune.

Video Game Era

So really, our parents and other adults have been wrong this whole time. Now adults don't have a reason to tell us not to play video games. So go tell your parents, grandparents, teachers and any adult you know that video games are good for you. Spread the word! Now is the end of the no-video games era, and the beginning of the era in which children can play video games freely.