Men in the California Gold Rush

By Jake W

What was the Gold Rush?

The California Gold Rush was a large migration of people towards California to find gold. It created an economic and population boom in California. The photo next to this caption is a drawing of people sifting for gold in a river.

When and Where was the Gold Rush?

The Gold Rush was centered in San Francisco, California. In 1848, the town of San Francisco only had 200 people in it but by 1854 it was a boomtown of 36,000 people. The migration started when gold was found by James W. Marshall on January 24, 1848. After he found gold, news quickly spread to neighboring states and then to the rest of America. The photo below is a picture of James W. Marshall.
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Some Interesting Facts about the Gold Rush:

Western Expansion due to Gold Rush

After California started expanding, they began to develop an infrastructure and laws in a place that was very barren beforehand. Thousands of people moved westward and stayed in California after the rush was over and it transformed slowly into the sprawling, hipster-filled, cool state we know today.
The California Gold Rush