HeAlTh EdUcAtOr

Giving unknowing citizens helpful tips about thier health.

HoW dO hEaLtH eDuCaToRs HeLp?

    Health educators help in a variety of ways, varying from age and condition of the group or individual. Some activities that Health Educators perform are: creating health posters on washing your hands, instruction diabeties patients about how to use a blood checker, and even talking to a young group about how muscles in your body work using relative demonstrations. These tasks require many levels of both knowlege and skill with audiences. 

HoW dO yOu BeCoMe An EdUcAtOr?

   To become a Health educator you have to be very organised with activities and required assignments, a bachelors degree in Health Education, and you have to be very knowlegeable and silled with audiences varying from 2 to 10 people. Being able to talk comfortably with large or small groups is a HUGE plus considering that this job consists almost all of being in front of other people.

ExTrAs On JoB

   Some extras considering being a health educator are: their annual salary, projected growth, and some companys that would accept a Health Educator. At the economys market now, a Health Educator can earn $45,230.00 a year! The projected job growth from 2010-2020, which is faster than average, is 21% more. Some incorperations that, can or in the future accept Health Educators are, Centers for Disease Control, Kaiser Permanente, and National Institutes of Health. Being a Health Educator, something that i would enjoy doing the rest of my life, certainly has its very rewarding benifits in the end.