Autism Written by: Dr. Kelly Wondrash

Some symptoms of Autism are:

  • Joins in only if adult assists or insists
  • One sided interaction
  • No eye contact
  • Variety is not the spice of life
  • Indicates needs by using an adult's hand
  • Does not play with other children
  • Talks about only one topic
  • Lack of creative pretend play
  • Weird behavior
  • Inappropriate laughing or giggling
  • Mimics
  • Likes to spin objects

What is Autism?

Autism is something that happens to the brain, when out of the blue, you will hear things really loud. For example, a tapping on a desk with your finger would sound like someone is pounding on the desk really, really hard.

Also, people with autism pretty much will never make eye contact. If someone is taking a picture, they wouldn't be looking at the camera.

One out of 68 people will have autism.