The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Mason Friedrich

In the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the author uses the story's text structure to show who he is currently, and who he wants to become

One of walter's earlier daydreams shows that he wishes he could help people and be heroic, rather than simply shopping for groceries

He daydreams about repairing a live saving machine which no one knew how to fix

Then his daydream continues on and he takes over the sugery himself because the other doctor was too nervous

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Some of his later dreams shows how he craves the respect and compliments that he recived in his daydream

His wish for respect in real life is shown when he dreams about being praised for his skill in marksmanship

It is also shown when he is complimented on how well he can hold his liqour

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Walter's last two daydreams show how he wishes that he was brave and courageous, unlike how he is in real life

He daydreams about going on a sucicidal mission alone in a plane meant to be piolited by two

Then in his last dream, he daydreams about facing a firing squad with no blindfold

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In the end, Walter Mitty left daydreaming about what he wishes he could be