Day Eyes Of A Teenager

Well lets begin, shall we?

Why hello there :D

Hey there i am Jack and well i suppose the title says it all really, i am a teenager, 14 in fact, and i am going to be telling you all about what happens to me throughout my day.

So lets begin! Today i had my usual Thursday lessons, which of course dragged on a little bit. These lessons included:

  • Media
  • IT (ICT)
  • Maths
  • PE

In PE, i had to do cross country. i had to run around a field........TWICE!!!! I am not very fit so as you can probably tell this was a bit of a struggle.

In maths it was the same old numbers.

In media i created a comic book on the Mac Book Pro's with my best mate.

In IT, i found out about and fell in love with it so that's why i am doing it now.

That's all for today i suppose. I will try to do this everyday, even if i just post a song from YouTube which describes that day or just a song i am interested in on that day.

Below is a song by the one and only InTheLittleWood so check it out on here and subscribe to him on his YouTube channel.

Byez :D

♪ Minecraft Parody - How Do I Craft This Again? (When Can I See You Again?)