6th Grade Electives

2021-2022 Elective Course Descriptions

Welcome to Gorzycki Middle School

You will find a detailed list of all elective offerings with course descriptions for GMS 6th graders here. Please note that some elective courses require a materials fee or instrument purchase/rental. If financial assistance is needed, please reach out to your student's counselor.

All students will be part of an EXCEL elective, which includes tutoring and/or study hall on Tues-Fri and a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) lesson on Mon.

Secondary School Information Guide

Detailed descriptions of all AISD course offerings are available in the Austin ISD Secondary School Information Guide found here

Required Academic Courses

All 6th grade ELAR, Science and World Cultures courses are Advanced (previously called Pre-AP,) unless an IEP denotes otherwise.

Math Course Descriptions

Math Intervention This is a course devoted to filling in gaps in mathematical learning while building confidence, strengthening problem solving techniques, and developing test taking strategies.

The focus is to help students achieve a higher score on the STAAR test in addition to fortifying a student’s math skills necessary to be successful in middle and high school math courses.

This course does not replace a grade level math course, but rather is in addition to one of the following math courses.

Modified Math 6 This math is only available to students with an IEP that indicates modified or resource math.

Academic Math 6 Covers grade level curriculum of 6th grade TEKS, preparing students for Academic Math 7.

This course is moderately paced and additional time is taken to cover and review key concepts.

Advanced Math 6 (previously called Pre AP)

Covers grade level curriculum of 6th grade TEKS, preparing students for Advanced Math 7.

This course is faster paced and offers a more in-depth analysis and application of key concepts.

Accelerated Algebra Path 6 (previously called Advanced)

Students must achieve a qualifying score on the Algebra Readiness Assessment for enrollment.

This course covers both 6th and 7th grade TEKS preparing students for Advanced Math 8 in 7th grade and then high school Advanced Algebra I in 8th grade.

It is very fast paced and offers a more in-depth analysis and application of key concepts.

This path is appropriate for students who are enthusiastic about math, can work independently and are academically motivated.

Accelerated Geometry Path 6 Students must achieve a qualifying score on the Geometry Readiness Assessment for enrollment and will require 2 periods of math (double blocked) in 6th grade in place of one elective course.

This course covers all 6th-8th grade TEKS preparing students for high school Advanced Algebra I in 7th grade and Advanced Geometry in 8th grade.

It is very fast paced and offers a more in-depth analysis and rigorous application of key concepts.

This path is appropriate for students who are very enthusiastic about math, like to work independently and are highly academically motivated.

Physical Education Course Descriptions

Functional Fitness This class focuses on improving a student's overall fitness. Workouts and activities are done to increase muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. A variety of topics are also taught regarding mental, physical, and emotional health.

Physical Education In 6th grade PE students are taught the rules and skills for basketball, volleyball, flag football, soccer, tennis, and track. Students will develop their knowledge and fitness by participating in game play. A Gorzycki PE shirt needs to be purchased for both Functional Fitness and PE.

Dance class Dance is a semester long technique-based curriculum designed to provide students the opportunity to explore the various forms of traditional & contemporary dance and fulfills the district requirement for Physical Education. Students will learn the major bones and muscles of the body as well as the history of dance techniques. Students will be required to purchase a specific uniform and shoes for dance class.

Fine Arts Requirement Information

All 6th graders must take a full year Fine Arts course. Students will not be allowed to switch their Fine Arts choice after the Schedule Change Period in the beginning of the school year.

Fine Arts Course Descriptions

Art Students will work with a variety of processes and materials such as painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, fibers, jewelry and digital media. Students rely on their perceptions of the environment, developed through increasing visual awareness and sensitivity to surroundings, memory, imagination, and life experiences as a source for creating artworks. Art courses include the study of works of art and cultures and evaluation of student work and the works of other artists.

Band This is the first year of instruction on a chosen band instrument in middle school. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of playing a band instrument. Students are expected to furnish their own instruments. Public performance, on a limited basis, is a required component of this course. Band provides students with continued instruction on a chosen band instrument. Sign up below for Instrument Selection Day


Choir Choir focuses on fundamental vocal techniques, music literacy, and performance skills for the inexperienced singer emphasizing unison or limited part singing. Boys are placed in a separate choir from the girls, but both, boys and girls, will sometimes perform and travel together. Public performance is a required component of this course. Students wishing to be in Glee Club must be enrolled in a choir class.

Guitar Guitar is for students wishing to learn the very basics of classical guitar. Students will learn to read easy music on their instrument and gain an understanding of how to play the guitar. Classical music will be the focus of this elective and no previous musical experience is necessary.

Orchestra Beginning orchestra provides instruction on a chosen orchestral instrument where students are introduced to the fundamentals of playing a stringed instrument. Orchestra students are expected to participate in public performances and furnish their own instruments.

Theatre Arts This course will focus on creating original scenes from stories and poems while developing imagination and problem-solving skills. Projects include storytelling, body puppetry, and black light puppetry. Students will be expected to participate in a class production.

CTE and Additional Electives - all courses below are semester courses

College and Career Readiness This course is designed to guide students through the process of investigation and in the development of a college and career readiness achievement plan. Students will use interest inventory software or other tools available to explore college and career areas of personal interest. Students will use this information to explore educational requirement for various colleges and a variety of chosen career paths.

Engineering Design Design a balsa bridge that holds 1000 times its weight, explore 3D modeling, compete in the straw rocket challenge, and design egg drop containers that can survive a 100-foot slingshot launch. Students gain practical experience with various technical fields and their associated careers through hands-on building and problem-solving projects.

Family, Food & Finance This class introduces students to the wonderful world of cooking and everyday living situations. These hands-on activities will assist in teaching communication & family, clothing care (ironing, sewing on a button, etc.), budgeting money, child care, nutrition, and cooking. Students will be introduced to the many careers in the Family and Consumer Science field.

Green Agriculture Green Agriculture allows students to explore all areas of the Agricultural Industry. Areas of focus include animal husbandry, landscaping, gardening and career exploration. Students will be involved in small, hands-on projects. These projects include, but are not limited to, handling and care of chickens and other farm animals, gardening, and landscape design and implementation. This course is recommended but not required for students interested in Principles of Agriculture , Food and Natural Resources in 7th/8th.

Introduction to Journalism Wondering what it takes to be a journalist? Students will learn how to analyze and critique news media, develop story ideas, gather information, interview, write copy, design and edit their work. Photojournalism and basic yearbook design will also be covered. Projects will expose students to print, broadcast, and digital mediums. This class is strongly recommended for students interested in Media Production and Yearbook in 7th/8th.

Study Skills Study Skills class focuses on executive function skills needed for effective planning, organizing, starting and finishing all tasks, assignments, and problem-solving. There will also be time built in to the class for homework assistance or reteach concepts from content classes.