The College Counseling Office

Zachary Fabrick, Wildwood School, Spring Semester 2015

The Office

The college counseling office at Wildwood School is the department that specializes in helping students get into the colleges and universities of their choice. The college counseling office is home to two professional college counselors, Julian Michael and Amy Abrams, who each individually help students on their journeys to higher education. It is known that the college process is extremely complicated and requires a lot from the student, which is why the college counselors help students and families to make the college application process more rewarding.

My Experience

My experience in the college counseling office is one that can be described as educational, fun and engaging. My main project this past semester has been putting together a college guidebook for our upcoming college tour on May 3rd. This project has been a nice break from all of the necessary clerical work that comes with this position. What has been so amazing about this placement is that if I have any questions about my personal college process, then I can ask the college counselors since I am in the office most of the time.
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Thinking About This Placement?

I would recommend this site to someone who likes to talk about college. While this component might seem trivial, some people feel uneasy talking about college because the application process can be a really stressful, hard time for them. The kind of work you can expect in this placement is mainly clerical. Seriously, there are days where you might be spending two hours by the Xerox machine making copies of twenty-page documents for the entire eleventh grade class, but a lot of the time the documents can be really interesting! Also, a lot of work is done on the computer such as compiling data about colleges and turning that data into spreadsheets.

I would be aware that this placement requires you to act in a professional manner, since you will be working for your college counselor and will want to make a good impression on them. Also, this placement might require homework so it is important to make sure you are caught up in other classes, just in case there is extra work to be done out of the office. I wouldn't recommend choosing this placement if clerical work isn't stimulating to you. I have personally found some fun this semester in learning how to use the Xerox machine and perfecting an Excel spreadsheet, but this work isn't for everyone.

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