Hemisphericity Dominance

More Of A Left Brian

Bre Hodges 8th Period

The First Time I Took The Test Had 9 Questions right brained and 10 Questions

Left Brained. Second Time I Had 8 Right Brained And 11 Left Brained.



Organization was apart of left brained and I agree with that because If something is not organized I'll get irritated because it will make me have to look for things because it's not organized.


Sequential is another thing on the left brained part. i do agree with that ,but at the same time i don't ,because sometimes I ave to go through the whole thing so i can know whats going on in what i'm reading and sometimes I will just scan through till i find what i was looking for.

Now If were talking about doing things instead of reading, If I have to do more than 1 task i will most likely do 1 at a time or else I will forget whats next because I will get unfocused so I just do 1 at a time, but if its something that i am use to doing on a daily basis i will be able to do more than 1 task at a time.


Even though creativity is a right brain part. I am very creative. I like making things or drawing things the way I pictured it. I also can come up with music when i'm bored sometimes based on how i feel. I also come up with poetry when i'm bored but its not a activity i do on a daily basis