Daniel's Story

Sydney Davis 4th Hour

Physical characteristics of Daniel

Tall, brown hair, blue eyes
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Europe during World War II
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New vocabulary word #1

Coup-a highly successful, unexpected act, stroke, or move; a clever action or accomplishment


Carol Matas
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Hitler Speech To The World

"That criminal Hitler doesn't even deserve to carry your books!"- Daniel's mother

"Anything is better than sitting here like a helpless rabbit."-Daniel

A significant event

Daniel sees Erika at Auschwitz after he thought she was dead.
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External Conflict

Daniel's teacher makes an example out of him for being Jewish and not the average height for a German.
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Internal conflict

Daniel is struggling not to jump into the pile of dead bodies he sees in the ditch in the field while taking pictures for the resistance.

Frankfurt, Germany

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"Daniel, if we let them kill all those who still remember what it is to be human what will be left?"-Daniel's father

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Daniel's best friend

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"I am more determined then ever to live."-Daniel

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Vocabulary word #2

Camaraderie- comradeship; good-fellowship

Vocabulary Word #3

Kapo- a Nazi concentration camp prisoner who was given privileges in return for supervising prisoner work gangs: often a common criminal and frequently brutal to fellow inmates
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Lodz, Poland

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Auschwitz concentration camp

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Buchenwald concentration camp

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Be kind and tolerant of others
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"We will dedicate our lives to making sure that this can never, ever happen again."-Rosa

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Picture of Daniel #2

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Daniel's Story Trailer