Where The Mountain Meets The Moon

By: Jason Trinh Raphael Belmarez Elle Tidwell Tarali Fincke

Main Character

Minli- Minli is a determined and has her heartier on completing her goal. She lives on the Village of the Fruitless Mountain and her family happens to be poor. She leaves on a mission to change her family’s fortune.

Dragon- Dragon was born out of Paintings about 100 years ago. He was found caught in a forest and saved by Mini. He Was made of magic ink and flew off.

Ba and Ma- Ba and Ma are the parents of Mini and the Heroine. They are not the most fortunate pair, but they raise a strong- witted daughter who they can count on.

Green Tiger/ Masturate Tiger- Green tiger ruled the land harshly, almost like a dictator.He is not very nice and is the Leader. He likes his role as a leader, but doesn’t treat the fairly and nicely.

The Old Man of the Moon- The Old Man of the Moon is considered the god character. He can predict what can happen. He knows the future. He lets the Heroine ask him ONE question. He is very wise. Elle Tidwell


Minli a 12 year old girl lives with a poor family who can’t barely work in the fields any more. Minli loves to listen to stories her dad tells, but her favorite story is the one with the, “The Old Man of the Moon. One day while her parents were working, a man selling goldfish came by her house and offered her one goldfish saying that it will grant her family good fortune. Minli quickly grabbed one of her two coins and gave the man the coin. When her parents came home and saw the goldfish they got mad because they said they couldn’t feed another mouth. So that night she went outside and released her fish, but before the fish swam away Minli heard a voice coming from nowhere. Then she saw the fish talk. The fish showed Minli the way to the old man of the moon. So Minli left a note for her parents and left to the mountain he lived on. On her journey she found a Dragon. She went on her journey until she made it to the man. The man told her to bring home a ball, the dragon pearl. Happy Minli came home and gave her family the pearl. The pearl was worth the king’s whole fortune. They sold it to the king but not for money so the king rained the village with gifts and joy. Jason Trinh

Application to regional culture

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is a very successful book considering it has about 4-5 stars on each review and has tons of reviews Al together. This book was aimed to show people the folk tales and stories of parts of Asia like China and Taiwan and gives you an interesting storyline while telling what might not be true but is very interesting. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon has many good characters which many are actually from other folk tales mashed together and people love it and the creator is no doubt a woman because of the name grace which sort of gives it away also because Grace Lin is a very good book writer and most of the books she wrote are really good like Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. Grace has won awards for Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and her other children’s books have pretty good reviews and teach pretty good lessons but she goes to schools now to show them her books teach good life lessons or even minor lessons and writes as a passion not being forced or not wanting to write she just loves writing. Grace Lin is a very well-known writer and has many works and Where the Mountain Meets the Moon even won the Newberry honor award in 2010. Raphael Belmarez

Evaluation of book

This book was great because it was very detailed and informative while being fairly entertaining . My favorite feature of the book is how it changes perspectives. Throughout the story, traditional Chinese folk tales are explained while Minli is on a mystical adventure living but the folktales for herself. Saying this, the reader their own adventure guided by Minli. 5/5 stars i am impressed. Definitely on of my favorite books. Tarali Fincke
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