Binary Code

Dalton Dowd



Binary Code

Binary Code is a secret way of transmitting letters through 2 numbers 1,0. Above is Binary Code and Dalton in Binary Code.


Binary Code was first invented around 1679 by Gottfried Leibniz. Since then to this modern day version it has been tweaked and changed to make it easier or more complicated in the case of a secret message.


A coding system using the binary digits 0 and 1 to represent a letter, digit, or other character in a computer or other electronic device.


A =01000001

B =01000010

C =01000011

D =01000100

O =01001111

L =01001100

Decipher This If you can!!!

01000011 =

01001111 =

01001111 =

01001100 =


Binary Code in Real Life

Binary Code doesn't have many practical uses. It can be used with your friends to tell secrets as long as you change the code to your liking. In modern day though Binary Code could be very helpful in from a military stand point. They could send messages without it being intercepted because it could just be interpreted as normal computer code.


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