Merryhill Elementary-Summerlin

Two Weeks of Summer Left!

It's a time of mixed emotions...

From the Principal

Good day Parents-

We are down to our last two weeks of summer. I've been hearing from some parents that this summer was too short, while others have been saying they're ready for school to start back up! Whichever side of that you may be on, I hope that you and your students are enjoying the time that remains and that you're looking forward to returning to class on August 13th!

Please note that if you have any questions or would like to stop by, we are here for you, from 7AM-6PM, Monday-Friday.

As stated in our last summer update, we are all very excited to start the new school year. On August 4th, from 10AM-2PM, you will have an opportunity to meet with our teachers, our PTO, the school uniform vendor, and after-school activity vendors. If interested, you will be able to purchase used uniforms from our PTO that day as well.

This email will contain some helpful back-to-school information, including a calendar, school day information, and drop-off and pick-up procedures.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Principal Arceo

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The School Day

Drop off: 7:45AM

Class begins: 8:05AM

Child considered tardy: 8:15AM

Dismissal (all grades): 2:55PM

Extended care hours: 7AM-7:45AM & 3PM-6PM

Lunch Hours

Lunch (K-2): 11:05AM

Lunch (3-4): 11:40 AM

Lunch (5-6): 10:35 AM (they will be given time for snack in the afternoon)

Lunch Recess Times

Our students have two recesses per day, one just before or after lunch and one at another point during the day. The teachers will determine when second recess is most needed and give it at that point.

Car Line Drop off & Pick Up

In the mornings and afternoons you have the option of parking and coming in to walk your child to class or pick them up from the multipurpose room. During the first week, many parents choose to walk their children to class, and we welcome you to do so! Please park in our parking lot, not at the curb, and then walk your child in.

Should you choose to use our car line drop off and pick up instead, please remember the following rules:

-Until we recognize all of the faces, at pick-up we ask that you please utilize the dashboard sign that we created for your family

-Please use a single file for dropping off and picking up and be courteous to one another. If you have to wait for your child, please pull into the parking lot to wait. For safety reasons, do not go around a car in front of you.

-At drop off, we will open the door for your child. Please remain in single file order until you pull up to the people who are working car duty. Once your child and his/her belongings are out, they will close the door for you!

Important Upcoming Dates

Saturday, August 4th:Open House (10AM-1PM) & Back-to-School/Meet Your Teacher (10AM-2PM)

Monday, August 13th: First day of school

Wednesday, August 20th: PTO General Meeting (8:15AM)

Wednesday, September 5th: PTO General Meeting (2PM)

Friday, September 7th: Movie Night @ Merryhill