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6/3/22 Volume 1 (40)

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Happy Summer!

Happy Summer~

It has been a complete honor and privilege for us to share many learning moments with your children. We started the year with many uncertainties, but what a wonderful year it has been.

We made huge gains in academics, matured socially, and built a better foundation as learners.

I ask for 3 things:

  1. Stay safe, making smart choices.
  2. Spend time together, building a positive relationship and helping one another.
  3. Have fun, being thankful of the many privileges we enjoy.

Families have asked about iReady accessibility. iReady will be still available for students to engage in reading and math until rollover in mid-July. There are fun games as well as engaging lessons that students can use, but please moderate screen time for your children. Watch the video clip below to see the affects of screen times.

Have a wonderful summer and we'll see you next year~

Go Lions!

Screens May Affect Your Child's Brain Development | Better | NBC News

Did you know that kids should spend no more than two hours in front of a screen each day?

According to Action for Healthy Kids, here are recommendations for strategies at home:

  • Make bedrooms “no screen zones.” Kids who have TVs in their rooms tend to watch about 1.5 hours more TV per day than those who don’t. Move televisions, computers, tablets, etc. into shared family spaces.
  • Designate one or more days per week as “screen-free” days, where physical activity, reading and spending quality time together are prioritized.
  • Set firm limits for using screens. For example, no video games on school nights or no electronic devices an hour before bedtime.
  • Turn off electronic devices during dinner. Make use of the time together to talk about the day.
  • Get active when you do spend time in front of the TV screen. Stretch, practice yoga, walk on a treadmill or lift weights. Challenge everyone to see who can do the most knee bends or leg lifts during commercial breaks.Create a TV viewing guide with your children, and teach them to schedule out the shows they would like to watch during the week. If you have TiVo or a DVR, record your child’s favorite shows and allow him or her to view them at specific times during the week.
  • When your children’s friends gather at your house, limit the amount of time they play video games. After 20-30 minutes of playing, suggest that the children move on to something else that does not involve a screen, like playing a board game or physical game (including playing outside).
  • Be a good role model and limit your time in front of a screen to no more than two hours per day, too. If your kids see you following your own rules and being active, then they’ll be more likely to follow your example.
  • Make it a game! Place activity ideas in a jar. Whenever the family would typically be on electronic devices, pull an idea out of the jar instead and do it together. Find activity ideas in the Family Activity PointsGame On activity.
  • Try new hobbies. Replace screen time with something more active, or join a club, discover a new talent, or sign up for a hands-on class at your local community center.
    • Avoid leaving the TV on for background noise to reduce the temptation to be in front of the TV (if it is hard not having the TV on, try programming your TV to turn off automatically after a certain period. Or, play music or white noise as an alternative).
  • Avoid using electronic devices as a reward or punishment. This makes screens seem even more important. Check out Healthy & Active Non-Food Rewards for other ideas.

Read the full article: "Limit Screen Time"
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Reflective Students Grown at Las Positas

Important Dates:

Every Friday is Spirit Gear: Wear Las Positas Gear or colors

  • 8/12 - TK/K Orientation @ 9 AM
  • 8/15 - First Day of School
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