PicCollage Kids

by Cardinal Blue


Easily create amazing collages. Safe for the students in the classroom. PicCollage for kids offers awesome backgrounds, stickers and fonts.
Pic Collage For Kids App Tutorial

Five ways to use PicCollage Kids in your classroom:

  1. Students can develop collages to use as visual introductions of themselves to their new classmates at the beginning of the school year. Have your students create a collage of things that they like to do for fun or their favorite things about school.
  2. As an exercise in blogging without writing your students can create collages to summarize a fun day, a weekend, or what they learned during the week at school.
  3. When the holiday greeting card season approaches, consider having students create digital greeting cards.
  4. As part of a book report assignment have students develop book covers for books they've read. Along the same lines, have them create collages about their favorite parts of the books they have read.
  5. Students who struggle getting started on a descriptive writing assignment could benefit from first creating a photo collage about the event or concept that they need to write about. In thinking about the images they have selected, they are also thinking about what they will need to say about each image.


Instructional Technology Coach - Karen Kjar