Lake St. Louis Water Ski Club

Newsletter - April 2015

Operation Stream Clean 2015

Way to go Ski Club! Volunteers from the Lake St. Louis Water Ski Club, Timberland NHS and Serco Inc. joined with the Greenway Network and City of Lake St. Louis to remove trash from local streams, creeks and lakes in our community on April 11. Over 100 volunteers (60 plus from the ski club alone) collected 500 plus lbs of trash and debris that included fishing poles, tires, bumpers, shoes and paper from various locations throughout Lake St. Louis. The ski club has continued to support this activity since its start and was joined by volunteers from Timberland’s National Honor Society and local business Serco Inc. this year.

Matthew Kuelker from the City and Ron Wilson from the CA both recognize and appreciate all the volunteers and event organization we provide. Everyone should be proud of their efforts in keeping the community clean and the way we represent our club.


Joe Dattilo

Membership Social and Photo

Saturday, May 9th, 4-6pm

Jefferson Point, Lake St. Louis

It is time to kick off the 2015 water ski season! Join us for hot dogs, chips & soda. A photo of the ENTIRE LSL Water Ski Club will be taken so wear your red ski club t-shirts. Come meet our new families, see old friends, and meet the coaches. The coaches will be available to answer any questions you may have about the various events.

Feel free to bring any used equipment, show vests, etc that you want to sell as some new ski club members have expressed interest in used equipment.

We are so close to ski season - some brave souls have already started skiing this year -so come celebrate the start of our 2015 LSL water ski season with us!

Antique Classic Boat and Motor Show

Saturday, May 16th, 10am

Windjammer Pointe

Lake St Louis, MO

Come enjoy the Lake St Louis Antique Classic Boat and Motor Show scheduled for Saturday May 16. Lunch will be available for purchase by the LSL Water Ski Club. If you are interested in volunteering, sign up through Sign Up Genius. Boat parade will be held from 4-5 pm.

Deadline for 2015 Sign ups

Deadline to sign up for the 2015 ski season is June 6 if you want to participate in the July 3rd and 4th Home shows or the Arch Rivals Shows.

Check out the LSL Water Ski Club Website

The website has been updated so check it out. The practice dates and time for all ski events are posted. Click here to visit our updated Club website.

SIgn up for Volunteer Hours on SIgn Up Genius

Every family is required to participate in a minimum of two volunteer activities. Volunteer activities fall into two categories, “community giveback” and “fundraising”. This does not include being a coach, dock mom, or act driver/safety boat driver. Example of events that qualify include: Operation Clean Stream, Casino Night, Holiday food drive, and working concession at the home show and various community events. Sign up through the link below:

You can also receive credit by getting new sponsors for the ski club. See sponsorship information below!

Sponsorship Options


Premier Sponsor – $5000
The Premier Sponsor is entitled to:

· Sponsor’s name announced at every home and away tournament, exhibition, and show

· 3 logos placed on the twin rig (our main show boat)

· 2 page spread/centerfold advertisement placement in brochure (2 pages @ 8 in x 10 in each)

· Listing on club at website with link, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Corporate Sponsor – $2500
A Corporate Sponsor is entitled to:

· Sponsor’s name announced at every home and away tournament, exhibition, and show

· 2 logos placed on the twin rig (our main show boat)

· 1st choice full page advertisement placement in annual brochure (8 in x 10 in)

· Listing on club website at with link, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Line Sponsor – $1000
A Line Sponsor is entitled to:

· Sponsor’s name announced during annual 4th of July ski show

· Remaining full page advertisement placement in annual brochure (8 in x 10 in) based on payment received

· Logo placement on twin rig on remaining area (our main show boat)

· Listing on club website at with link, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Gold Supporter – $500

A Gold Supporter is entitled to:

· ½ page advertisement in annual brochure (7 ½ in x 4 ½ in)

· Listed on club website at with link, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Silver Supporter – $250

A Silver Supporter is entitled to:

· ¼ page advertisement in annual brochure (7 ½ x 2 ½ in)

· Listed on club website at without link

Bronze Supporter – $125
A Bronze Supporter is entitled to:

· Business cared size advertisement in annual brochure (3 ½ in x 2 in)

· Listed on club website at without link

Family & Friends-- $40

Send a note to your favorite skier whether it be a family member or friend! With this level of sponsorship, you can highlight your favorite skier. This is just a text ad with no graphics. Say “Good Luck”, “Ski Strong”, “Smile”, or another little friendly note from you!

(2 ½ in x 2 ½ in)

Arch Rivals Pyramid Practice is in full swing

Spotlight on our 2015 Home Show Pyramid Coach and Arch RIvals Show Director: Ted Woods

Ted Woods is the Home Show Pyramid Coach & Arch Rivals Show Director. Ted feels that "Pyramids are the greatest act in show skiing, it is very impressive to see and very popular with the crowds. Being on a pyramid teaches teamwork, there is no most important person on a pyramid. Everyone on the pyramid is important for success!"

To be on a pyramid you must be a good base skier or climber. Generally, the climbers are fearless young ladies and the bases are accomplished skiers able to start off the dock with a person on their shoulders. There are techniques that make climbing and skiing the pyramids successful. Practice takes place in the gym and on the water.

Pyramids are open to any club member to try.

Ted has been the pyramid coach for 10+ years. This is his first year as the Arch Rivals Director. He has been skiing with the Rivals since 1999.

Ted explains that "the Arch Rivals are a group of competitive show skiers. To be an Arch Rival you need to have advanced skiing skills as well as skills climbing or being a top in a doubles act. The Rivals put on a one hour themed show that will have skiing, music, comedy and spoken script that will entertain the spectators. To be successful it takes a true team effort both on and off the water. The Rivals start planning their shows in December and do gym practices in April/May before hitting the water. This year we are doing a Anchor man themed show featuring the evening news with Ron Burgandski and Veronica Swivelstone. It should be a fun show, come down and catch a show in June."

The Rival will be doing shows at Jefferson Point on Fridays as well as competing in Regional & National competitions.

Ted's decision to become a coach began with his desire to help our club be successful and to see the excitement & confidence build in the new skiers as they learn to be on pyramids.

Ted's family has been involved in the club since 1999. He has served as club President, Home Show director, traveling show director and this year serving as Arch Rivals director. His wife, Nancy, has helped with the show planning and she has also been a swivel coach for several years. She loves spending time on the water developing our young swivelers. They have been fortunate enough to ski in shows together for several years. Ted has done pyramids & handles with his wife, daughter, Jaci, and son, Doug. He has also barefooted with his son. Ted has enjoyed seeing Nancy & Jaci, ski in the ballet line, swivel. & ATB and Doug, wakeboarding. The Woods family has a lot of great memories as a family skiing with the LSL ski club.

Ted work for the Quikrete/Pavestone company and Nancy works as a Nurse Practitioner at Our Urgent Care. Jaci attends St Charles Community College. Dougy is finishing up his Junior year at Holt.

When asked what do enjoy most about the ski club, Ted replied, "the friends we have made or better yet I will call them our extended family!" His greatest memory was Nancy & Ted skiing to our Wedding song (Wind beneath my Wings) this year after a show to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary! Another memory was Jaci being Ted's top this past year for the final pyramid at the Home Show! and Dougy & Ted doing our first barefoot run in a show together being pulled by Dan Wright.

Ted hopes to achieve teaching the team that "when we work together we can build great things on and off the water."

Our LSL Water Ski Club Board Secretary: Angie Hopping

Angie and her family are starting their fourth season with the LSL ski club. Angie is the secretary of the club this year and she is very excited to be part of the Board.

Angie and her husband, Ryan, got involved because their son, Kyle, wanted to learn to ski and wakeboard. He went to Jr. Line practice with Dan and Mary and the rest is history. Angie commented, "I will always be grateful for them giving him such a great gift! He hasn't stopped learning since the first day he hit the water."

As a family, the Hoppings are part of Arch Rivals. She said, "We travel with them and love our ski family. Individually, I am usually helping out on the dock for Arch Rivals. Last year Ryan joined mens line he had such a great time that he will be skiing in more acts this year. Kyle does just about anything you ask him to or that he can think of. He would probably tell you his favorite is barefooting but I think he is happy as long as he is in the water."

In addition to ski, Ryan is on the board of the Anglers club as well as their tournament committee. Kyle plays soccer, baseball, football and spends his time being a kid! Angie, well she coordinates "the craziness that is the Hopping household and loves every minute of it."

"The best things about the ski club are that we get to do this as a family. Everyone is so willing to help others become the best skiers they can be and all of the friendships that we have gained from the club."

Angie's greatest memory is Fair St. Louis. "We got to be a part of something that has never been done and it was with an amazing group of skiers."

What Angie hopes to achieve this year as a board member "is that this year we can be productive for the entire club and that every member will feel as though they are represented by the board."

Meet one of our LSL Water Ski club families: The Reiters

The Reiter family joined the LSL Ski Club in 2007. At that point it was just their oldest daughter, Megan, skiing (6 yrs old at the time) on Jr Line and Kneeboard, but by the next year, all 3 girls (Megan, Ashley and Taylor) were in the Home Show. They quickly fell in love with the sport and the club, and got involved.

Throughout the years, Mike and Heather coached Kneeboard. Heather served on the Board as the Membership Director and as the Vice President. Heather also can be heard on the microphone at the different shows as an emcee. Mike Can be found at the bottom of the pyramids, doing Strap Doubles with the girls, and of course Men’s Line.

Their family was involved with Arch Rivals when we won the 2012 Division II Championships. Heather commented, "that was so fun to be apart of that team!" However, these past two years the Reiter daughters have found the passion of 3 Event skiing. Last year at the Regional’s Competition, Megan took 5 th Place Overall and Ashley took 5 th Place in Trick in the Girls II Division. And Taylor, who just turned 8 at the time, participated in her 1 st tournament and put points on the board for her Trick run.

So when asked the question, What do you like best about the Ski Team, Heather replied, "there’s not just One Thing – It’s the fact that our entire family can be involved and that there’s something for everyone. Those skiers that just want to 'get their feet wet' can participate in Home Show or those more serious Show Skiers have Arch Rivals, and those that want speed and challenges have 3 Event. We are truly an All Around Ski Club!"

There are many great memories for the Reiters throughout the years, but Heather related that "the very first day of JR Line for Megan – we were driving there and she’s asking me a million questions because she’s never even tried to ski and I had no answers because I’ve never been there before. But I assured her that with this being the first practice and the water was freezing, that they would just show her how to put her skis on and hold the rope…her nerves were settled with that answer. But shortly into the practice I see her sitting on the end of the dock with her skis on with six other kiddos, and then I realize she’s holding onto a rope behind Dan and Mary’s boat, and they are pulling out…I grabbed Ashley and Taylor and said we better watch this, because it may be the last time she ever does this again. And sure enough, the ropes got tight, the kids hit the water and they all Face Plant off the dock into the cold water! She swam and got her skis, came into the beach and went and got back in line for another try…and we have been hooked ever since!"

The Reiters look forward to this year and expect that it will be no different than any other –" just making memories, enjoying our family time and the summer with some pretty awesome friends and members of the LSL Ski Club!"