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Upcoming January Events:

  • College Week: Jan. 11-15

  • Career Day: Friday, Jan. 15th

  • Student/Teacher Holiday: Monday, Jan. 18 MLK

  • Spelling Bee-Tuesday, Jan. 19th at 8:30 AM

  • Bowman Music Demonstration Field Trip: Jan. 21

  • Student Holiday-Feb. 15

  • STAAR Testing Dates:

    • Math-March 29

    • Reading-March 30

    • Science-May 11

Online Classroom

Google Classroom

Ask your child about their Google Classrooms and expectations. Fifth grade students will use a combination of online and in-class learning and assignment submissions.

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Planning/Conference: 1:50-2:40 p.m.

Class Messenger

Class Messenger will be used for important reminders throughout the year, such as field trips, camp reminders, important dates, etc. The following are homeroom class codes for joining. To join, visit classmessenger.com or download the free Class Messenger app on your phone. Please join only your child’s homeroom class using the following codes:

Hansen: ZJKRJG


Ogundipe: 556RJU

Shockey: CVAQ9U


Important This Month:

  • We are currently studying different types of folktales such as fairy tales, myths, legends, tall tales, fables, and trickster tales.

  • We are investing these stories themes and morals.

  • We are delving deeper into literary devices that playwrights and various authors use to enrich their writing. Check out this link of the 50 most common literary devices with this handy study tool. https://quizlet.com/_eigz0

  • In addition, we will be exploring different aspects of good writing and grammar usage. Each month we will feature an original student writing piece to show off our Aspiring Authors.

  • We will be kicking off new novel studies very soon!

  • Spiral Review Topics:

    • Greek and Latin Roots

    • Story Elements

    • Non-Fiction Text Features

    • Author’s Purpose

    • Organizational Patterns (compare/contrast, cause/effect, sequential, problem/solution and description.

* We would like each student to read a book of their choice at least 20 minutes each night.

Our Featured 5th Grade Author...Aaryaa Kabira

"A Cure for Hatred" by Aaryaa Kabira

A dashing face separates from the crowd

Entering the stage and taking a bow.

By looking into his deep, deep eyes,

He makes some people realize

Racial prejudice isn’t the answer.

In fact, it’s being together!

With his voice as smooth as cream,

Saying his famous “I Have a Dream”

Inspiring people to become great

Reminding them that the world is no place for hate!

You know what they now all say,

Big image

Aaryaa's Poem has been chosen to be McCall's entry in a district writing competition. We are very proud of her poem and her efforts.


Important This Month:

  • Current Unit Topics:

    • Fractions (Topic 7-9 Envision)

      • Adding and Subtracting

      • Multiplying

      • Estimating and finding equivalents

      • Identifying common denominators

    • Algebraic Reasoning and Coordinate Planes (Topic 10-12 Envision and Motivation Math Units 17-19,25,26)

      • Order of operations

      • Simplifying numeric expressions

      • Using coordinate planes

      • Represent problems on a coordinate plane

  • Continue Resource Use at Home:

    • Envision/Pearson

    • Motivation Math

    • Big Brainz technology

    • Think Through Math technology

Please continue working with your child on multiplication and division fact fluency.


Important This Month: We begin our Earth and Space unit with study of the Sun, Moon and Earth as a system, focusing on patterns within cycles of movement.

  • Science Concepts Related Pages:

    • Earth & Space content located on p.23-45

    • Check out critical vocabulary located on pages 39, 33, 29 of Science Concepts.

  • Discovery Techbook: Please encourage your child to explore the following:

    • Related vocabulary animations using the Interactive Glossary

    • Reviewing activities such as Virtual Labs, Fundamentals, Skill Builders related to concept studies

Daily class expectations are for all students to take home their Science Concepts book and science notebook for concept review and reflection. Discovery Techbook can also be used for reading, viewing, and interactive concept practice.


STAAR Science Assessment: May 11

Social Studies

Important This Month:

  • Colonial conflicts during the American Revolution

  • Declaring Independence

  • Establishing a new government

Specials Announcements

Click here view an additional smore courtesy of our Specials Team.


Upcoming Spelling Bee

Mark Your Calendars! You are invited! Many of our 5th graders are looking forward to or participating in the 2016 Spelling Bee! You are invited to attend the bee on Tuesday, January 19th in the McCall gym at 8:30 AM. Please come and support your amazing spellers!