Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

Would you tell someone ?

Mr. Freeman Introduction to Art Class...

"SOUL," he writes on the board. The clay streaks the word like dried blood. "This is where you can find your soul, if you dare. Where you can touch that part of you that you've never dared look at before. Do not come here and ask me to show you how to draw a face. Ask me to help you find the wind." (Anderson PG.10)


It is easier not to say anything. Shut your trap, button your lip, can it. All that crap you hear on TV about communication and expressing feelings is a lie. Nobody really wants to hear what you have to say. ( Andeson PG.9 )

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The summer before freshman year 13 year old Melinda Sordino went to a high school party with her friend Rachel. Every one was intoxicated, including Andy Evans. Melinda went outside to get some air, and ended up getting raped by Andy Evans. She called the cops and when they arrived some people got arrested. After that night she was known as the girl that called the cops and ruined the party because of that Melinda gets bullied all year long. She goes into a deep depression. She never told a soul what happened that night When she starts skipping classes the adult figures believe its so she can get attention. What do you do when every one is against you even your parents. Read "Speak" to find out how Melinda deals with these hard trials.

About the Book

"Speak is about 10 percent based on the depression I suffered after I was raped, and 90 percent fiction." Laurie Halse Anderson

This novel helps young adults realize that parties can be dangerous, especially if there is drinking involved. The author wants adults/teens to realize this. I think that the author also wants to open the reader's eyes to bullying. Just because someone is different or alone doesn't mean that they're weird or freaks. We have no idea that they might be going through. I believe this book will be a real eye opener to all who read it.


  • 1999 National Book Award Finalists
  • 2000 Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults
  • 2005 New York Times Paperback Children's Best Seller

Laurie Halse Anderson


Do NOT Be the Only One Who Hasn't Read This Book

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