ELA Terms 101!

Khaliyah Robinson

Connotation and Denotation

Connotation is when you say something but don't actually mean that.

Denotation is when you say something you actually mean.

D in front of Denotation and think of the dictionary because it's the literal meaning

while for connotation you don't need a dictionary you use Creativity and sarcasm.

Point of View

1st Person- The narrator of the story. They usually use the words I, me, and we. To remember this just think about how the narrator always speaks first.

2nd Person - the narrator tells the story to another character using "you".

Think of it as the narrator speaking to the audience.

3rd Person Omniscient - Where the narrator knows the thoughts and feelings of characters in the story.

Think of the Omniscient as the Overseer because they know all.

3rd person limited - Knows the thoughts and feelings of a single character. That's why it's limited because it doesn't know all.

To remember this think of your conscience because its only apart of you that nobody will else will know about.

Types of Poetry


Lyric - An emotional and rhyming poem. Like Music lyrics it's emotional and

Epic - An epic poem is a long narrative poem usually about a hero or something heroic.

To remember this think about E standing for Extra Large. An also how cool super hero are because they're epic.

Narrative - This is a story in a poem style. They have characters and a narrator. The name is exactly how you can remember it.

Simile and Metaphor

Simile- When you use" like" or "as" to compare something.

Think of using like or as makes poetry smile because it's usually used in a humorous way.

Metaphor- A comparison between two things without using "like" or "as"

Changing the idea of something to another kind of like things changing during metamorphosis.

Common Place Assertion, Fact, Opinion

Opinion - Your personal thoughts or feelings about something. I remember this by thinking it's the OPPOSITE of an opinion.

Common Place Assertion - Something that seems to be true to most people but isn't backed up by facts. This is kind of like a stereotype because most people will think that all black people like chicken but they don't have proof or at least not enough to know that that's true.

Fact - Something that is true and can be proven with evidence. This is why fact is opposite of opinion because opinions aren't proven with facts while facts are.