Storage Options For Your Jewellery

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Jewellery is not just personal adornments and embellishments. Rather, it is a reflection of who you are. Therefore, it is not just enough to invest in them. Proper maintenance and most importantly perfect storage of jewellery are of paramount significance. Exquisite jewellery items that are stored aesthetically can potentially reduce your dressing times.

Moreover, properly stored jewellery ensures that you get the best accessory while getting ready for a grand celebration. Consider the following tips for jewellery storage and let them dazzle in every occasion.

Selecting the appropriate jewellery box

The foremost move towards jewellery storage is getting the correct jewellery box. While making your selection of the box, opt for the ones with robust exterior and smooth interiors. The outer strength of the box will prevent the entry of dust particles ensuring cleanliness for your jewellery items. Other than that, it will also safeguard your jewellery from the damages inflicted by surrounding elements.

Opt for boxes with lock systems and ascertain that added protection for your jewellery. Additionally, boxes with multiple sections and compartments will offer enough room for all your jewellery items.

Zip-lock pouches

If travelling is your passion, and you wish to look great during your trips; there is a unique way of carrying your jewellery. Store them in zip-lock pouches and place these pouches between your apparels.

The soft fabric of your outfits will impart that much required softness to your necklaces and quaint little earrings. As the most desired result, your necklaces will not develop kinks, and there will be no chipping of your rings.

Organiser’s boxes for compartmentalised storage

It is very important to realise the importance of your jewellery items. They have a life of their own. Therefore, you just cannot hurl ill-treatments towards them. Avoid storing multiple jewellery items at a single destination.

Alongside getting entangled, they might also develop scratches. Invest in organiser boxes as well as anti-tarnish strips. In case, it is your contemporary silver jewellery, you wish to store; then these strips must be changed in every 9 months.

Delicate storage units for pearls

No two metals are same. Just as they differ in nature, shape and lustre; their maintenance requirements are also distinctive. While preparing the grounds for jewellery storage, you must take utmost care of the pearl and silver items. Soft storage units for pearls and anti-tarnish clothing for silver jewellery will prove to be the best storage option.

Humid temperatures are potential destructors of beautiful jewellery. Ensure jewellery storage in a cool and dry place to keep them in top shape.

Hanging storage options

Each and every jewellery item has separate functionalities. You will surely not wear your earrings round your neck and your necklace in your ears. So, when the functionality is different, why not the storage. Secure a safe spot for your necklaces where they can hang easily. And that will prevent entanglement and development of kinks.

Store away from sunlight

Be careful not to expose your jewellery items to the harsh rays of the sun. Excessive heat and high temperatures can deprive them of their natural lustre. Moreover, if you are carrying special pieces such as opals; you might need to store them in containers filled with water.

By now, you must have surely developed a pristine clear idea of proper jewellery storage. Purchase your favourite jewellery items from the leading jewellery shops Perth and store them for years to come.