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Discoverings and resources from the Pete & C 2015 Conference

What's Pocket?

Pocket is an app (formerly called Read It Later) that you can use to save and organize the gems you find while reading online. Visit Pocket to establish your account and start bookmarking! Your saved content will sync across all of your devices, and you can read the blog posts/articles you saved at times convenient for you, anytime, anywhere. So, while at conferences or professional development sessions, trying to make sense of the great work and ideas and resources shared, it helps to use an application like Pocket to organize and make sense of it all!

Resources for You

Want to infuse more technology into your students' collaborative group work? Want some ideas to get started?

Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy shared a number of fabulous resources and ideas to integrate technology seamlessly into students' literacy and math learning experiences. These links lead to the resources shared by these educators at their sessions.

Daily 5/Guided Reading Resource Collection

Common Core Math and Technology Resource Collection

More links for you

A collection of Digital Citizenship resources

This is the link to the complete Pete&C program. Many session presenters uploaded digital resources for you to reference. If you see a small box & arrow to the right-hand side of the session description, it indicates that online resources are available. Feel free to peruse the list and access resources of interest!

Why digital literacy matters more than ever

Using blogs to enhance literacy instruction

Ideas for a book report "reboot"

Elanco Elementary Tech

This flyer is created and shared by Lyn Hilt.

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