The Millennials Are Taking Over

by Logan Gable

What are the millennials?

The millennials are the majority of people who occupy the work space They are seen as the go generation. They don see anything wring with job hoping and they hate micromanagement. They are also very tech savvy and believe in the "Everyone wins" policy.

How To Work With Them

In the workplace

Many managers have trouble working with millennials but in reality its rather simple. Don't be to bossy, don't try to be constantly telling them what to do, give them a little freedom. Don't try to make their life solely about work! Many employers make this mistake, millennials need freetime, they need time off or otherwise things can turn sour. And last but not least, give acknowledgement for good work, a millennial loves being told that they did a good job, if you follow these few steps then you should have no problem working with the GO generation.

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