King of the North Carolina Pirates!

Edward Teach- AKA Blackbeard!

Blackbeard is widely regarded as the most fearsome and famous of the pirates of North Carolina's Outer Banks. 300 years after his reign, his name still strikes fear in the bravest sailors. He was even known to tie firecrackers into his long beard, so it looked like his head was surrounded by smoke!

Blackbeards Fleet

His flagship, named Queen Anne's Revenge, had 40 guns and could carry 250 buccaneers. He overcame numerous ships throughout his swashbuckling career, including the Margaret and the La Concorde.

Want to learn more??

This video from North Carolina Underwater Archaeologist Mark Wilde-Ramsing, talks about Blackbeard's Legacy.

Blackbeard's Final Battle

Blackbeard fought his final battle off the coast near Ocracoke Island, NC. Lt. Robert Maynard hid most of his crew belowdecks, and when Blackbeard boarded his ship, he was ambushed, and killed in the battle. His reign of terror was over, and the residents of the Outer Banks could relax, no longer afraid of one of the greatest pirates who ever lived!