SS (Schutzstaffel)

Hitler's Private Army

What is SS?

SS or Schutzstaffel translates to protection squadron. This military squadron was organized under Adolf Hitler and the NAZI party. The SS was organized into two groups: Allgemeine SS (General SS) and Waffen SS (Armed SS). The Allgemeine SS was concerned with police and racial matters. The Waffen SS was made up of combat units and troops for the Nazi military. The SS was also organized into smaller subgroups, one being called the SS Totenkopfverbande and was in charge of the concentration camps and the extermination camps. The SS was responsible for carrying out Hitlers Final Solution and were known to commit many crimes against humanity during World War ll.

SS Backround

The SS started in 1923 as a small guard unit and was initially called Saal-Schutz which translates to Hall-Protection. The SS was made up of volunteers to provide security during NAZI meetings in Munich. In 1925 Heinrich Himmler joined the unit and grew the organization into a military formation.