Math Project

By: Joshua Zimmerman


Now for this party we have 2 food options, Burger Bonanza, and Pizza Palace. Now lets assume that everyone in the school loves pizza and burgers. Burger Bonanza has a price of 10 dollars a person with an initial fee of 20 dollars. Pizza palace has 9.25 dollars per person with a set up fee of 61.25 dollars. Burger Bonanza is obviously the better price for less people but at what point does Pizza Palace become the better choice?

The Better Choice

Now Obviously the Burger Bonanza is better at the start but at some point the Pizza Palace becomes the better buy. To find this point we have to graph the Businesses (the picture in the paragraph above) then we have to find the point of intersection. According to the graph the point of intersection is (55,570). So If you are serving more than 55 people the Pizza Palace is better but if you are serving less than 55 people Burger Bonanza would be the better price.

Bounce Houses

There are 2 companies for bounce houses. Jumpin Jacks and Hoppin Around. Jumpin Jacks has 54 dollars an hour but has a set up fee of 84 dollars. Hoppin around costs 75 dollars an hour with no set up fee. Just like the last one Hoppin around is better for less people but we have to find the point where Jumpin Jacks gets better.

The Better Choice For Bounce Houses

According to the graph i figured out the point of intersection is (4,300). That means that Jumpin Jacks is better for more than 4 people and Hoppin Around is Better for less than 4 people.

Graphs Food

Pizza Palace

0 61.25

1 70.5

2 79.75

3 89

4 98.25

5 107.25

6 116.5

7 125.75

8 135

9 144.25

10 153.5

Burger Bonanza

0 20

1 30

2 40

3 50

4 60

5 70

6 80

7 90

8 100

9 110

10 120

Graphs Bounce Houses

Hoppin Around

0 0

1 75

2 150

3 225

4 300

5 375

Jumpin Jack's

0 84

1 138

2 192

3 246

What Is Better For The Party

I would choose Pizza Palace for food because if it is a school party more than 55 people are bound to show up. I would pick Hoppin Around for the Bounce Houses because the party should not be longer than 4 hours