End the War Against Tobacco

Putting an end to the use of cigarette & tobacco products

The Big Issue

Smoking only permanently affects one's health, and not positively. Cigarettes are bad for the environment along with the smoke released from them doing damage to the health of others too besides the smoker. The production of tobacco products may be boosting finances within company limits, but is tearing open the pockets of citizens everywhere. Celebrities and role models unknowingly promote the use of cigarettes to children and other adults. There is nothing good that comes out of smoking cigarettes or using tobacco products so please, think twice before picking up a cancer stick.

Just the Facts

  • Thousands pick up their first cigarette everyday
  • More than 16 million people have at least one disease caused by smoking
  • Nearly 9 of 10 lung cancers are due to smoking
  • Tobacco use increases the risk of infertility, diabetes, throat cancer, and more
  • Secondhand smoke affects the health of other adults, children, and babies
  • Smokeless tobacco includes carcinogens and causes cancers of the throat & mouth along with leukoplakia
truth - Unpaid Tobacco Spokesperson

Unpaid Tobacco Spokesperson

Unknowingly, celebrities are unpaid spokespeople for tobacco companies. Photographs or videos of themselves smoking encourages the public and younger generations to try it out because they make it seem "cool". And while they might not know, the influence they have on the population is much greater than it may seem.

Cigarettes are Killing the Earth

  • Cigarette butts add onto litter contributing to global warming
  • Animals that come in contact with cigarette butts can become ill or even die
  • Smoke from the cigarettes are contributing to pollution
  • Overall, the appearance of used cigarette butts all over the Earth is unattractive!


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Sarina Lawless, 9/19/14, Period 1