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Prairie Point Staff Newsletter

Volume 3, Issue #5: Friday, September 29, 2017

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I hope that you enjoyed the Around the World Cafe that we did at our Institute Day last week. I was really impressed with the discussion and conversation that was generated. It is my hope that we continue to build upon that dialogue with additional resources in To the Point and ongoing discussions at Faculty Meetings.

One thing that popped up during the Institute Day were inquiries into the ACES test and scores. I have provided you with some resources to look at. The article attached below is a simple questionnaire that provides an ACES score. It also provides links to the CDC that has all of the data and information to the original ACES study.

AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination

I have shared our AVID goals for the year a few times. You may recall that in several goals we touch on opportunities for teachers to begin to learn WICOR strategies that could be incorporated into the classroom. We will spend a few minutes of each faculty meeting learning about WICOR strategies and even, at times, practicing them.

If you don't recall, WICOR is an acronym for Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization and Reading. Obviously, there isn't an order to the acronym, as each of these disciplines and strategies are equally important to our instruction.

I hope that you enjoyed learning about and trying Philosophical Chairs during the Teacher Institute last week. During our Faculty Meeting this week, we are going to build on that knowledge and do some follow up and reflection activities that you will be able to use with your classes. There is nothing to watch in preparation for Wednesday's Faculty Meeting :)

Important Information

MTSS Update and Resources

Please note that Tena Brazen shared the following information with you in a Google Doc. I have tried to condense it down to a Cliff's Notes version for your convenience. That said, if you have not yet read the full document, please do so as it provides detailed information regarding the MTSS process for this year.

In general, the MTSS process remains quite similar to that which has been previously used at Prairie Point Elementary. SD308 has defined many of the MTSS expectations, procedures, tiered interventions, etc. Recent changes are intended to promote common MTSS processes and expectations across schools within the district.

There are 2 documents/forms which replace previous referral paperwork. Hopefully you will find these to be less time intensive as they promote sharing of information and data entry. These are:

  • PT SD308 MTSS: Student Intervention Worksheet (a Google Doc)

  • PT SD308 MTSS: Individual Problem Solving Request (a Google Form)

MTSS Student Intervention Worksheet

If a student is referred to Individual Problem Solving, then the Student Intervention Worksheet is the form that will be referenced for documentation of parent contacts, interventions, data, information, meeting notes, etc.

You will find access to this form in your own MTSS Class Folder (Google Drive). Class folders & contents are intended to be confidential and are shared only with specific people.

MTSS Individual Problem Solving Request

This is the form that will be used to request that an Individual Problem Solving Meeting for your student. Once submitted, this Form will be accessible to the Assistant Principal, School Psychologist, and Principal. You will subsequently be contacted regarding your request.

This form was shared with you and is located below for your convenience.

Jeans Days

Updated...Please read

Janet and I have had an opportunity to speak with several staff members about Monday and Friday jeans days. While it is important that we keep college wear as part of our plan, as it aligns with our AVID goals, we also recognize that not everyone has a variety of college wear at this point. Because of this feedback, we have decided to amend our Monday and Friday jeans day plans.

If you choose to participate in Greens for Jeans, you may wear jeans with your choice of tops on Mondays.

On Fridays, you have the choice of wearing Prairie Point, Brokaw, SD308 spirit wear OR college wear.

Please note that you still must look professional with your jeans on. We ask that you avoid wearing torn/ripped jeans or other jeans that would not be deemed appropriate for a professional workplace. Please also note that jeans are not to be worn on Tuesday - Thursday.

We appreciate your input and feedback and are always willing to tweak or adjust our plans based on what is best for all!

In Every Issue...

Field Trip Information

Please also note that all of the field trip information is available to you on the intranet. For your convenience, I have included the google form link and the approved field trip list below. Please note that you cannot enter field trips into the trip tracker until you have received approval from both district and building admin. You receive this approval by filling out the google form.

The approved field trip list is attached below. Please note that there has been a significant increase in price to include the cost of transportation. Keep in mind that the cost provided on the document is an estimate to give you a sense of what it would cost to attend for 25 students, 1 teacher, and 2 adults. This is not the cost that should automatically be placed on a permission slip, as this will change based on your exact student count and distance from the location.

Wednesday Morning Meeting Schedule

The Wednesday Morning Meeting Schedule has been shared with you and is available by clicking below.

Wednesday's PLC Meeting

We will have a Faculty Meeting on Wednesday, October 4th. Our agenda will be short so that we can have everyone outside (weather permitting) by 8:15am.

We will have another Epi-Pen and allergy training by our school nurse, Mrs. Teresa Butt. We will also plan a follow up Philosophical Chairs activity. Time permitting we will continue our discussion on ACES. If you have time, please review the ACES quiz link at the start of this newsletter. See you at 7:30am in the Community Room.

PLC Agenda Options

You should have a PLC Agenda Template in your Google Docs.

The link below contains files for 3 different templates for PLC agendas/notes. You are able to choose to use one of these as well. Please remember to share them with Jennifer/Jen and any specialists that you have working with your team.

The video below shows you how to save the agenda templates to your own Google Drive.

SD 308 PLC Agenda Video

Prairie Point Family Celebrations

Congrats to the Holpuch Family

Please send you good thoughts to Laurel Holpuch and family this weekend. Laurel will be celebrating her daughter Amy's wedding! I can't wait to share pictures in the next To the Point!