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You can, you can't, you can. -Georgia Renouf

Utopian Society rules

1.Nobody but the ruler and his/her guards can leave the country.

2.No books allowed in the country.

3.Civilians can not own weapons or dangerous pets.

4. Everybody must be inside their homes from 8pm to 5am.

5.Nobody except the government can own a device that can browse the internet.

6.contacting people putaide the country is not permitted.

7. Citizens can only buy things sold by the government.

8. No outsiders are allowed.

9.Citizens must do community service twice a week.

10. Everybody must obey the government. If someone refuses to obey the government that person will be punished and thrown in jail.

New Ending to Chapter One

Already! He sat as still as a mouse, in the futile hope that whoever it was might go away. But, no the knocking was repeated. Boom! Was the next sound I heard. My heart started to race and I started to sweat as ifIi had just ran a four mile marathon with taking a single break. It all happend so fast. I closedy my eyes for a slight second and I see O’Brien standing over me with the Thought police standing all around me.

Actors and Actresses for Movie Version

Winston- Tom Cruise

O-Brian- Dwayne Johnson

Julia- Anna Kendrick

Big Brother- Vin Diesel

Winston's wife- Jennifer Aniston

Emmanuel Goldstein- Channing Tatum

Syme- Will Smith

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In a dystopian society I would have a lot of a restrictions because I am young. Most likely I would be watched constantly because I would probably try to secretly plan a way to get out of the society and into a society where I have more freedom. Possibly the only freedom I would have is being able to go to fun places like bowling or other activities. Freedom to have a job and help the society. And the freedom to talk to friends and hangout with them. The Freedom i would like the most would be being able to talk to friends because without friends things would get boring really quickly and going to fun places would not be as fun without some friends to talk too. Also, my friends could also help me escape the society or start a revolution against the society. I think that in a society where freedoms are not balanced there would be a lot of rebelling and riots. Also, when the freedoms are not balanced there is bound to be an underground army that would do something about it. An example could be slavery. The slaves did not have equal freedoms so, people fought and fought till they had equal rights and now everybody is equal. Basically, I am saying that a country or civilization with freedoms that is not balanced will not last forever because there is a big possibility that there is a group of people in that society that want equal freedom.