The S'more the Merrier Quartz Rose

Buy it because its pink, you're supporting breast cancer!



Rose Quartz

Has no Cleavage

Has a hardness of 7

It comes in various shades of pink

And Its Crystal System is trigonal

Rose Quartz comes in many different shapes and sizes!

Rose Quartz guarantees that you will enjoy every minute of its beauty.

Questions that have been asked

Can it withstand a drop? Yes because it has very good strength

Does it scratch? Not much, if at all

Does it lose its color over time? It come's in an array of different shades of pink and it may or may not lose its color over time depending on its shade.


Sulfur - Austin

Its yellow and has a nasty smell and can start fires!

Gold - Nico

Gold is very flashy people like to collect it people like to wear and people like to spend it. Gold is almost indestructible and has been used and then reused for centuries.

Autunite - Ethan

Autunite is one of the more attractive and popular radioactive minerals. Autunite is probably the most popular uranium mineral for collectors. its green color glows