October 1st, 2018 Newsletter

Valley Oaks School

please note:

Important dates are at the end of this newsletter.


April's VOS Logo Sweatshirt

Trisha is accepting pre-payments for the VOS logo sweatshirt that April is wearing - as well as for t-shirts. Trisha has a form to fill out. Please help us advertise for Valley Oaks by wearing our school logo!


Community Service...

  • Please contact Ms. Abelli-Amen if you would like to get some/all of your community service hours working in our school garden. She also has some other tasks you could do to assist her.
  • If you have already done or plan to do a substantial amount of community service (over 25 hours) between January and November, please consider filling out the Prudential Spirit of Community awards application HERE. There are three levels of winners: 1) earn just the certificate/award as a school winner, 2) earn $1,000, as a state winner, & 3) as a national winner, earn $5,000 + $5,000 for your favorite charity!



Important Dates for October:

10/5/18, Friday: Group Work Out for Group #1 PE students

10/15/18, Monday: Staff Development Day - All teachers will be at a training. There will be no school appointments this day. The office will be open. When Monday students meet with their teachers on 10/8/18, teachers will either reschedule their appointments with students or give students 2 weeks of work.

10/19/18, Friday: Group Work Out for Group #2 PE students


1/31/19, Friday: This is the last day for seniors who want to participate in the Alt. Ed.

Graduation Ceremony at Lucchesi Community Center on May 29, 2019, to

order their cap and gown.

Important dates for the entire school year can be found on our school website calendar.

Stay Tuned for Our November 1st Newsletter!

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