Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler Biography-Owen McGuire Academic #1

Did you know Hitler wasn't always evil?

Did you know Adolf Hitler wasn't always a ruthless,evil,and menacing dictator?What did he do in life?Well, he quit school at age 16 the year his mother died(1905) . His father,Alois, died in 1903.Through this he became very angry and so he went into a deep depression,and a need for blood.This possibly lead to his ruthlessness,unkindness, and possibly his want for the position of a dictator,to rule over people. This was a few things that happened through his childhood, and possibly how he became so evil.

What happened to Adolf Hitler in his life time

Who was Adolf Hitler?Adolf Hitler was a born Austrian in the city of Braunau on the day of April 20,1889.He hated Jews because of the fact his house was vandalized,he was attacked, and his older brother was taken away and killed later in 1898.Although he had a bad background before he became evil he wanted to be a Priest.During the time he attempted to be an artist he had a Jewish girlfriend.He attempted to join the Academy of Fine Arts,failed, and went into another deep depression.Later that year he joined the Nazis at age 30.Though it wasn't until age 43 that he would become leader and soon a Dictator.Later, he killed himself,his wife, and his son, a month and a half after he was almost assassinated in May 1945.He had a very disastrous life possibly leading to his cruelty and mistreatment of others, to get back at people for what they did to him.This was who Hitler was during his evil life.

What can we do to treat others fairly, unlike Hitler

Hitler was an evil person who was a ruthless person who ordered his army to slaughter those unworthy of his superior things.Hitler was a great example of what we should to do to treat fairly and respect others race religion or background of their name.