Poem Anthology

By: Rachel Hopkins


Rachel was born in Flagstaff Arizona, and has began writing poetry in the 4th grade. It has been one of her most enjoyable activities, because she loves that there is no limit to what she can write. She also has a very unique and creative mind, and loves to express that in her poems.

"Where I'm From"

Where I’m From

I am from cow boy boots from Boot Barn and Saba’s Western store.

I am from the big, surprising, cows in the front yard.

I am from the blue bonnets the bristle grass.

I am from big breakfasts on Christmas morning and blue-eyed people, from mamma and Dad and Grandma Judy.

I am from the creative and intelligent.

From “I love you”s and “You’re a warrior”.

I am from pioneers who suffered greatly for our faith.

I'm from Arizona, the Scottish and Wells, chocolate cake, and fresh picked raspberries.

From the Great Great Grandfather, who shot off his infected toe the grandma, and the boy she beat up bigger than her for making fun of someone else.

I am from the unique and exciting stories, shown in several pictures plastered on my bedroom wall, the smiles and frowns, the clean and messy, the sad and happy, through years in my family.

Narrative Poem

Bold Underlined- Literary device

Too Much!

The little girl eyed what was left in everyone’s dish.

Cold, sweet, sugary, ice cream spread from her one rosy cheek to the other.

With one last spoonful, she finished her pleasant dessert, but she wanted more.

With a grin plastered on her face, her little finger pointed to the “Strawberry Delight” that sat beside her empty bowl.

“Daddy, are you done with that?”

“Well I would probably explode if I weren’t!”

In only 2 seconds, the strawberry dessert was in her mouth-through her throat- and into her stomach.

It was only 1 minute before she finished her second serving of ice cream, of which could of fed two 10 foot tall giants.

As she licked the last bit of the pink dessert from the corner of her mouth, she pointed to the banana split sitting in front of her.

“Sissie, are you done with that?”

“Well I finished after my first two bites!”

The little girl quickly pulled the banana dessert toward her.

Though slower than before, she ate every last bite of the remaining ice cream, the texture soft as snow, and taste as sweet as pure sugar.

She rubbed her stomach, and noticed how it got a little bigger, and a little fuller every time she ate more ice cream.

When she thought there was no ice cream left, she eyed the Rocky Road Mountain sitting further down the table. It seemed to be saying “Eat me too!” as it stared at her with its chocolate chip eyes.

Slowly, she pointed at the dessert.

“Mommy, are… you… done with that?”

“Well I’m too full to eat the rest!”

The little girl pulled yet another dish of ice cream towards her.

Each spoonful left with in the bowl, was soon inside her, and the dish was clean.

She pushed all the empty dishes away from her, and leaned back on her chair.

With her hands placed on her little tummy, she closed her eyes and began to groan……… “Ohhhhhhh, my stomach!”

Structure Poem

Her Everlasting Imagination

The little girl’s thoughts never ended.

Her imagination continued on forever.

She was a soldier in battle, a butterfly in

the wind, a cloud in the sky.

She could go anywhere she wanted to.

Swimming in the clear waves of the ocean,

flying over the mountains of Arizona,

tasting the sweet, pure, juicy fruits picked from any tree in the World.

All through her life, she could go on adventures,

and be brave on her journeys.

And when she was struggling in her life…

and having a bad day…she could



drift away in her everlasting imagination.


Bold Underlined= Literary Device

Ode to Disney World

Disney World is said to be the “most magical place on Earth.”

It’s true.

Disney World is the place for endless laughter,

Disney World is the place for giant smiles,

Disney World is the place for fun.

Though it may be weird for people such as me to love a place where kids seem to find the most happiness, but I find it normal because Disney World is a place for everyone to be a kid, once again.

In movies such as “Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and Peter Pan,” the events and characters don’t have to be just a fairytale. But in Disney world, they can come to life.

Bright colors everywhere and magic at every corner, is what you encounter as you walk the ground of “Magic Kingdom.”

Animal noises and Dinosaur roars are what you hear as you run with excitement around “Animal Kingdom.”

Mickey shaped pancakes, recognizable tunes, magical feelings you feel.

The Disney characters who greet you, the thrilling screams as you ride on “Splash Mountain,” the smile plastered on your face until your cheeks hurt.

Your heart pumps fast as you near the entering of your favorite Disney ride. Your favorite Disney ride leads you into “a galaxy far far away.” Far far away, is where more happiness and excitement awaits.

This amazing feeling of happiness never leaves you as you walk through the “most magical place on Earth,” and the memories and stories never fade when you leave the world of happiness and imagination.

Extended Metaphor

Bold Underlined- Literary device

I Am a Water Color Paint Pallet

I am a water color paint pallet.

With my use and a blank canvas, anything can happen.

With my variety of interesting and unique colors, some dull, some bright.

I can create something amazing, something sad, something creative.

I am a water color paint pallet.

I can result as a mistake, and do make many, but I can also be a part of something beautiful and breathtaking.

My colors and creations can make people smile, and though I don’t say much, my appearance and actions can show wonders.

Crazy and exciting I sometimes can be, but soft and mysterious, I sometimes appear.

People are impressed at the things I can do, when I flow on clean paper, and make something new.

I am a water color paint pallet.

I’m not afraid of being messy, and crazy, and fun, and unique.

I can be and make anything I want to, sad, exciting, dull, happy.

I can appear as the beautiful ocean waves that shimmer when the light touches them.

And with the use of my paints, I can serve others, by showing them the effects of what hard work can accomplish;

A painting of flowers, made for Grandma

A painting of delicate princesses, for a little girl

A painting of ferocious, fire breathing Dragons, for a little boy.

It’s all so amazing the things I can do,

When I touch a white canvas. A white canvas made unique by me. By me it is new beauty. Beauty, that makes people smile.

I am a water color paint pallet.

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Incredible Earth

I smile to see what the Earth Provides.

The beautiful sites, a breath taking view.

My heart beats faster, my love never hides,

While entering new places, old and new.

When I close my eyes, and breathe in the air,

I can feel peace and comfort in my heart.

I look with the wind blowing in my hair,

At the lovely landscapes, it’s priceless art.

My eyes grow at the incredible Earth.

I can’t possibly compare anything,

To such beauty, more than what money’s worth.

I rejoice, as I look at everything.

It’s amazing, what the Earth has in store.

I love it, more than anything before.


During the progress of this project, I wanted my reader to really get a feel better understanding of my creative, almost childlike mind. I also wanted to really focus on the joys and happiness of this world, including stories, people, and places, all with a positive outlook. I wanted to make my reader smile and have a pleasant feeling of delight when they finish reading my poems. I accomplished this by writing about happy things and events, using joyful, descriptive words to really help the reader understand, and feel the joy that comes from reading my poems. It took me several hours to finish writing all of the poems, with great detail, and really scraping out the best creative ideas I have with in me, and putting it on paper. But it has also been enjoyable knowing that I can now share my ideas and interests with people through this beautiful style of writing, and discovering how much I love the things I do, by telling a story with them, and using the description and thoughts I put into them.