A plot agianst america (Book)

Book by Philip Roth, Project by Jw Ford


In the 1940s, Americans are afraid that president Roosevelt is leading the people back into the war in Europe. In the turn of events Chars Lindbergh the first man to fly across the Atlantic is nominated for the republican party and ends up becoming the president under the promise that America will not intervene in the war. after he is elected he becomes friends with German dictator Adolf Hitler and it starts to concern Jewish family like the one of young boy Philip Roth.

Major characters

1, Philip Roth (Son)

2, Herman Roth (Dad)

3, Alvin (Cousin)

Conflict + Symbol

Conflict = Fear

Symbol = Lindbergh becoming president = Fear

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1940s Jewish section of Newark, New jersey - Ranch in southern new York


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Over all the book was....
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